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The last time we went to the Boston Harbor Islands, it was a spur of the moment thing. We were aware that the islands existed and found ourselves in front of the information booth. I asked the person working there two questions. 1.) When does the next ferry leave? (10 minutes) 2.) Does it get cold on the islands? (Yes, you'll probably want to bring a jacket.) We found ourselves in a frantic search for an ATM to get enough cash to purchase overpriced sweatshirts from a sidewalk booth on Long Wharf. Moments later, we were wearing 4 hours pay, I mean brand new hoodies. 'BOSTON'! screamed from our chests. Off we went to Spectacle Island, where it was 90˚ and I had four unnecessary pounds of fabric to carry around in my backpack.

Well, I was not making that mistake this time! This time we knew we were going to the Islands.
It was 85˚ and sunny in Boston. There was no way it was going to be cold on this island. We were both wearing shorts and tank tops, and some really light sweatshirts that could easily tie around our waists and not be a bother, just in case it was raining later on that evening. My sweatshirt even had the enhancement of missing a zipper, something which somehow happened in transit from the hook it was hanging on in my apartment back home, to my backpack. I wore the thing the night before we left Milwaukee, and the zipper was intact, I swear.

We got our ferry tickets and we were off! On a gorgeous, beautiful, clear and sunny day! The ferry had to stop in the harbor for some reason for about 20 minutes. Someone made an announcement about security and another ship that was out there.
We sat back and enjoyed the view of the other boats and ships. We were floating almost directly across from Logan airport, so we enjoyed the view of planes taking off and landing as well. And then, a funny thing happened. Fog descended onto the harbor. It happened so quickly that you never had a chance to see it. One minute, it was sunny. The next, the boat next to you was gone, buried somewhere in the fog. I remember looking at the air traffic control tower and watching it become swallowed into the nothingness. Then I remember thinking how happy I was that I was not at work.

The ferry moved on though and soon enough, I wished I had a pair of jeans. Trinity had the luxury of a zipper, which helped with keeping her sweatshirt on her body and a hood on her head.
It was just about cold enough for her to be perfectly warm, and me to be cursing the fact that the zipper on my favorite sweatshirt was lost somewhere 800 miles away from where I was. When we got to George's Island though, the temperatures were okay. We spent much of the day alternately being hot and cold, taking the jackets on and off, depending on where we were and what our surroundings were.

George's Island is primarily the location of Fort Warren, which defended Boston Harbor and was active throughout the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and both World Wars. Trinity (who is 8) was very 'oh, I love historical things. Learning is fantastic' whereas I (the adult) was more 'oh, I love historical things, but just as it relates to me pretending I'm on an episode of Ghost Hunters.
' Fortunately, it was easy to do both. Exploring this fort was incredible. I've never really matured past the day I got grounded for wandering away from home for three hours because I was 'exploring' in the field near my childhood home. I'll have you know, I was well prepared for that excursion. I had a thermos of water and a band-aid. But I digress! There were not too many other patrons hanging out on the island that day, so we rarely ran into anyone else, which is good because I don't know just how many people out there understand the "Dude, run!" reference. (If you're not laughing, you obviously don't.) Some of the tunnels and rooms within the fort were so dark you just had to dare yourself to continue and hope you didn't walk into a wall and/or meet the boogeyman.
Occasionally I was using the flash from my camera to guide the way. There was one hallway of blackness that we were about to give up on, when a ranger and a small group walked up and we followed their voices through what had to be a good 50 yards. You can literally not see anything. I can imagine my mom or my sister just falling over dead in panic had they managed to get a third of the way through this hallway.

When we finished exploring the fort, it was now so foggy on this island that every time you heard an airplane landing, you were certain it was going to land right on top of you, because you could see nothing at all. This was a serious situation, it was not time to be playing Ghost Hunters. No, the thunder in the distance, the plants surrounding us, and the dense semi-tropical foliage protruding from the undergrowth could mean only one thing: we were on JURASSIC PARK! I swear, Samuel L.
Our Phineas & Ferb beach towel, pronouncing "Let's Rock!" This picture doesn't look the way I thought it did. :(
Jackson made an announcement regarding the last shuttle to the dock. Any second a velociraptor was going to jump up from the side of the cliff and eat us while we were still alive! Thankfully, we had the schematics which we found in the abandoned visitor's center, so we could turn on the generator. Or something like that. The point is, our day was awesome, even if we were frozen by the time the last ferry showed up almost 45 minutes late.
sylviandavid says:
great day of imagination & exploring
Posted on: Nov 01, 2009
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Our Phineas & Ferb beach towel, pr…
Our Phineas & Ferb beach towel, p…
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There was something involving thi…
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It's getting foggy again!
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Fort Warren, Georges Island
Fort Warren, George's Island
I probably took thi spicture becau…
I probably took thi spicture beca…
My sister said this look like the …
My sister said this look like the…
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