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We woke up early enough, found some sand pails under the porch and made our way over to the beach. We filled a couple buckets about halfway through, but there were nowhere near the amount of shells there were the day before. Nikki did manage to find a perfect sand dollar in the creek, which she gave to Trinity. The fog was back, of course. It was the kind of fog that, if I were at work, would make me want to stab myself in the heart. But on this day, I was not an airline employee, I was just an ordinary person standing on a beach completely enveloped in fog. It was eerie, but also really beautiful and peaceful. It was so thick, we could not find our way back to the house. We would normally be able to use lifeguard stands and houses as beacons to know know where to turn, but we could not see 10 feet ahead of us.
The pictures cannot do it justice. I tried to take a 360˚ shot of the beach from where I was standing, but the pictures just look like pictures of fog. Which makes sense considering that they are just pictures of fog. I knew that Trinity and Nikki were out there somewhere, but only because I could hear them.

We did eventually find our way back, of course. We bought some cinnamon rolls for breakfast at the little convenience store up the street, and we stopped at the other store which sold tourist stuff, where we bought a couple reasonably priced t-shirts. Then we picked up Annabelle (the dog) and took a walk in the other direction to a forest trail. If I had more time this is the part of the area I would have been exploring moreso than the beach.
The creek gets as high as these rocks when the tide comes in. And people jump off of them into the water!
Sadly, we were running out of time. The plan was to stop at the boardwalk in Old Orchard, because I am afraid of roller coasters and Trinity really wanted Nikki to go with her on a ride, and then head back to Boston. But after we got back from our walk in the woods, Nikki called someone at the airport in Milwaukee and realized one of the Boston flights had been cancelled, which meant the flight she had intended to fly home on was now oversold. We quickly got our stuff together and made our way back, in case she needed to fly back on another airline, since neither of us knew what time Air Tran or US Airways left. We got some food for the road, and listened to Michael Jackson practically the entire drive, as his music was on nearly every radio station. There were tornado warnings in some of the surrounding counties, but luckily we did not run into any bad weather.

We arrived at Logan airport just in time for rush hour. This was good news for Nikki but not for me. It normally takes me about 20-25 minutes to get from the airport to Cambridge. This time it took nearly an hour. I don't remember what it was we did when we eventually did make it back "home", but I'm pretty sure it was nothing that involved getting our butts off the couch.
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The creek gets as high as these ro…
The creek gets as high as these r…
Nikki and I
Nikki and I
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Trinity and Annabelle
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Trinity tried her best to make th…
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