Boston Day Trip to Newport, June 2006

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I took this picture through a chain link fence. I really like it, but I wish I had taken it straighter.
This was our first in what would become many Boston day trips. After having missed the bus on Saturday because of construction on the T, we managed to get on the bus at the correct time on Sunday, and off we went to Newport, Rhode Island. We chose this location because my dad lived there several hundred years ago (he was stationed there for awhile when he was in the Navy). I really had no idea what I was planning on doing.

Newport is what I would call a quaint town. It's adorable and fun to walk the streets in, but I can't imagine why on earth anyone would take a long vacation to it. We had to walk at least a mile along the quaint street to get to a beach. On the way we stopped at a magic shop, and the guy working there played a good trick on Trinity by pretending to spray her to ketchup.
Trinity, mocking a wooden nun in an ice cream shop called Hurricane Jane's
I was impressed. We bought a chocolate bar that sprayed water. I especially liked the shop because you could tell from it's location that it made most of it's money off tourists, but the prices were cheap enough that kids could buy things. There were a couple kids in there at the same time that only had a few coins, but the guy who worked there seemed genuinely interested in making sure they bought something really cool.

We forged ahead to the beach and found lots of shells, and we saw a horseshoe crab. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite as exciting as discovering wildlife that is not native to your own region. We went to dinner at a place called Rhino Bar and Grille, which was okay. The best part of our dining experience was the girl sitting across from us who was arguing with her boyfriend the entire time.
My dad, if he was a homeless monkey
Suddenly she decided that her food was not good, made the waitress take it away, and ordered something completely different. It was like a dinner show.

We continued through the main street and bought a few souvenirs in shops. We ate ice cream at a place called Hurricane Jane's, and then we had to be back on our bus. But before we got back to the bus depot, we found a statue of a monkey, which I swear looked exactly like my dad. I called him immediately to tell him he had been immortalized in Newport, RI. It was a fun town and great for a day trip (I'd even think about taking another one there). We got back to Boston and ended up running into Net, who had been in New Jersey, at South Station, and we took the train back home together. It's very strange to me that I hardly ever see people I know when I'm out in Milwaukee... where I actually live and know hundreds of people, but put me in Boston where I know four people and I manage to run into one of them in a crowded train station.
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I took this picture through a chai…
I took this picture through a cha…
Trinity, mocking a wooden nun in a…
Trinity, mocking a wooden nun in …
My dad, if he was a homeless monkey
My dad, if he was a homeless monkey
Harbor in Newport
Harbor in Newport
Beach in Newport (and Trinity, age…
Beach in Newport (and Trinity, ag…
Sea Creature/Horseshoe Crab
Sea Creature/Horseshoe Crab
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the beach with rocks acting like …
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