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The wind really mangled this tent

Dad left the hotel at 8:00 a.m. for Fairlawn, the next show.  It was a bit smaller, but impressive non-the-less.  Mom and I arrived on site at 11:00.  We can’t really help build racks so we come for loading.


Instead of a wetlands, weeds, and bugs, we had a nice paved side parking lot.  It drizzled off and on throughout the day, but we hooked everything up.  The second (third, fourth, fifth… etc…) day is always harder because there’s a lack-of-sleep factor involved.  However, in spite of rain, hunger, and tents blowing to pieces because of wind gusts, the show was set up.


Two tents (we use them for shade, it gets HOT working out in the sun like that) toppled in wind gusts and were ruined.  It really was a shame because they were newer and very nice, but it was funny to see them levitate off the ground before flipping over.  Luckily, no one was injured during the toppling. (However, Phil disappeared under a falling tent once and Mom disappeared under the other falling tent twice.).


After set-up was complete around 8 p.m., Dad, Mom and I headed back home.  I’m a little sorry we didn’t see the show, but Fairlawn is about 2 hours from home and we were all anxious to get back.  We couldn’t stay for fire and clean-up because we all had to work Monday.  I haven’t heard how the show went, yet.

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The wind really mangled this tent
The wind really mangled this tent
Poor tents couldnt stand the wind.
Poor tents couldn't stand the wind.
All covered up due to rain.
All covered up due to rain.
photo by: PhinsAndGills