Rain in Medina, but it didn't stop us!

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Getting ready to roll on!

Up bright and early again (around 6:30 a.m.) to head to Medina.  Mom and Dad took off early to pick up the truck in Portage Lakes.  Dan, Steve, Mike, and I followed.  We made it as far as Mansfield when I took over driving the big truck because I went through the physical and paperwork to drive commercially.  I look like a trucker, huh?  My code name is, of course, Sparkler.  I made it on site in Medina with no problems.  Okay, I rubbed a tire on the curb just once, but it was REALLY narrow and I didn’t even make a mark on the tire.


Dan, Steve, Mike and I set about the task of building racks in the pouring rain.

My truck for the weekend
  You can’t allow any water to get into the tubes because water makes the fireworks either not work or extremely unstable.  So, we worked under canopies and covered everything with thick plastic as we went.  Soon Dad and Mom showed up with the show.  We all worked long and hard to get the show up, in, and wired.  We finished with just enough time to check the show, eat a couple slices of pizza, and send it up.


OH, one “funny”:  You have to imagine wheat I look like in the middle of all of this.  I’ve been hauling around racks covered with sulfuric powder, at this point I was soaking wet from the rain, I’m wearing big floppy shorts and a big floppy t-shirt… basically I look like a puppy that was playing in the mud then got caught in the rain.  At one point I had to use the restroom and headed up to the rec center.  Upon entering the smaller bathroom (it’s a 2-holer) I found a group of about 15 high-school aged girls in PRISTINE condition, grooming each other (similar to how I see monkeys at the zoo do, but I kept that to myself so I didn’t get beat over the head with a Coach purse).  I excuse me’d through the cloud of perfume and hairspray into a stall.  As soon as I shut the stall door, I heard one girl say “EW! Did you SEE how dirty SHE was?”  I wanted to say “Um, sweetheart, I’m still here… and I can hear you.”  I also thought about saying “YUP and I’m going to make a BIG STINK, too!” or something along that lines that would completely and utterly disgust them forever, but instead I just chuckled; again fearing that one of them would chuck their mukluk at me.  (WHY a couple of them were wearing fur boots in July is beyond me… but whatever… they WERE cleaner than I was, after all.)


Medina’s show is always very nice.  Clean up was fairly easy.  Mom and I left a bit early because we can’t really throw racks into the truck.  I was in bed around 1:00 a.m.

FishAtHeart says:
What those girls don't know about you is that you are a "good looker" when all dressed up - could put all of them to shame!
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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Getting ready to roll on!
Getting ready to roll on!
My truck for the weekend
My truck for the weekend
photo by: PhinsAndGills