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We arrived on the Khao San Road, and proceeded to look for a guesthouse. After a bit of a hunt around we found one which was a bit more than we'd wanted to spend, but looked quite nice. It was called the Budget Guesthouse, and it all looked very clean and nice. Little did we know what it had in store for us later that night.

We spent some time in an Internet cafe, and generally doing administrative things. Zoe headed back to the guesthouse, and I carried on on the Internet for a bit before heading back. This is when the fun started.

In the lobby of the guesthouse I was confronted by a drunken man asking for my room number, which I declined to give him. I wasn't sure whether he worked there, and in any case I didn't need to tell him because Zoe was in the room with the key. That should all have been OK, except that he took great exception to my not answering his question, and said that I'd looked at him disrespectfully etc. and that he wanted a fight to sort it out, which I also declined.

It ended with him wanting to throw us out of the hotel, and threatening us, at which point we called the tourist police to explain the problem. They then phoned the hotel to talk to him, which didn't really help him calm down. However, by the time we'd packed our bags and got ready to leave, the guy's mother had turned up in reception, and seemed to have ultimate say in what happened, so we were told to go back to our room.

I didn't really dare sleep that night though, since I thought he probably had a key to the room, so it wasn't the most restful night I've ever spent. We checked out the following morning, and checked into a cheaper guesthouse, with less violence but lots of bedbugs. Nice!

(I don't like the Khao San Road.)

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