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I finally took one chance too many on street food, and got my first proper bout of food poisoning of the trip (I don't think I can blame the month I was ill for in China on any one thing I ate). The only problem is I can't categorically say what caused it, although I have my suspicions.

We got the bus to Sukhothai from Chiang Mai, and as the bus was a little delayed leaving, we bought some food from the bus station in Chiang Mai. I think it was my decision to buy a hotdog which looked like it had been sitting around for a while, and had salad in it, that was probably the main mistake that I made! I'd got so blasé about just eating whatever we could find and never having got ill that I think I took it a step too far.

Having said that, I may be doing the lady on the bus station a dis-service. When we arrived in Sukhothai we found we'd stumbled into town on the day of a large food festival, and so we sampled many different things off stalls that evening. And then in the middle of the night I got ill, so I don't suppose I can ever know for sure what it was that did it.

Sukhothai bus station is on the edge of town, so we needed to get a tuk-tuk into the centre. It seemed a bit expensive, but then I suppose the drivers know they're in a strong position. The weirdest thing was the design of the tuk-tuk; it was the back half of a motorbike, which the driver sat on as normal, but the front half had been replaced by a low-level basket with two seats in it which we sat in. The back edge of the basket doubled as the handlebars, and so the whole thing pivoted somewhere in the middle for steering.
This meant that we were the furthest forward part of the contraption, facing forward and moderately low down, which made it an interesting ride. He took us to a hotel which was obviously the one he got commission from, so we walked away and walked more towards the centre of town, which by now wasn't too far away.

The first place we tried was run by a man who quoted us what he assured us was a low price for the room, but said if we went to check out other places we wouldn't get that price when we came back. Guess what: we didn't come back! Perhaps that approach works on some people. It's quite the opposite with me; I'd rather walk away and even pay more somewhere else so as not to reward his bullying tactics. In the end we found a much cleaner-looking place just a couple of doors down which was slightly cheaper anyway.

The owner of the guest house told us about the food festival, and we headed to where it was taking place, just a short walk away. There were loads of stalls selling a variety of things, plus a stage with music and dancing and various other things going on. We had a really good evening; it's so much fun when you turn up in a town an something just happens to be going on.

Sadly in the night I was taken rather violently ill, but I was soon over the very worst of it. I did spend the whole of the next day feeling very weak, so we had to postpone our visit to the Sukhothai ruins until the day after.

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photo by: DragonFlies