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Sunset on the beach - Kuta

It was time we had another break from travelling! We'd built in Bali as another holiday, although in reality we still felt pretty relaxed after getting India largely out of our system during our first week in Sri Lanka.

We flew from Colombo to Bali, via Singapore, on Singapore Airlines. I'd heard great things about Singapore airlines, but it seemed pretty ordinary to me. Singapore airport was fantastic; you can make free local phone calls, and they have free Internet. We tried to phone the airline offices in Singapore to rearrange some of our flights, but they were all closed on Sunday.

We arrived at the airport in Bali and paid what must have been a lot for a taxi to Kuta.

We're millionaires!
It was the advertised rate, but given the distance and what other things cost in Bali they've got a good deal going there.

We picked a guesthouse out of the Lonely Planet, and headed for it. It was one of the cheap ones on Poppies 1. We were wondering how much the prices would have gone up since the guidebook had been printed, but in the end the rate we were quoted was half of what the book said. I think that prices must have dropped a lot after the bombings.

We didn't think much to Kuta. There was a lovely sunset over the sea the first night we were there, but the town's pretty ordinary and completely lacking in culture. It was useful as a base for sorting out some administrative things, though; we were able to call Singapore from one of the many phone and Internet cafes, and thus able to change our flight details for the rest of our round the world ticket. When we'd originally booked our ticket we were only allowed to schedule the flights through the US up to six months in advance, and because these were the last flights we were taking, all of our flights were racked up at the back end of February, which was fast approaching. We spent a fair while on the phone, but the calls weren't expensive and it all got done.

After a couple of days in Kuta we decided to head out, and so booked a transfer to Gili Meno (a little island just off Lombok) with one of the many agencies in town.

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Sunset on the beach - Kuta
Sunset on the beach - Kuta
Were millionaires!
We're millionaires!
photo by: eddie8498