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I through my stuff in the truck bed and say my good byes and we were off. I've wanted so long for this day to come all of my senior year of high school. I would never have imagined what would happen one this trip. Our trip was planned as this we were to drive to Miami, Ohio where Jeff's brother lives and had just finished up his senior year at Ohio State and spend the night where on the next day we would drive straight to Washington D.C. and sleep in Annapolis where Jeff goes to school. Then tour the next day in D.C. then the next day set off for N.Y.C. for 2 days and 2 nights then head back and the next day catch my plane home to St. Louis and he would head out the following day to Egypt.

    So our adventure begin we drove to Ohio and stayed at Jeff's brothers house we had Indian food that night (I can still taste it). That was the first night that I had ever had Indian food; since that day I consider Indian food my favorite food next to Sea Food! We went to the Indian Palace in Miami, Ohio. There non bread was simple but I have never had any that was as good. They all had beer and I had water (because I was being cheap). We went home and went to sleep we had the longest part of the trip ahead of us.

    So we woke up around 7:00am on the 9th and started to drive to Washington, D.C.  I will and I’m sure Jeff wont either forget the 4 CD's that we had on this whole trip it was TiEsTo's new CD "Elements of Life", A iTUNES CD of techno, another CD of Techno and some crapy burnt CD with other techno on it. We also had the radio but every one knows that it is nearly impossible to find a good station when traveling across any large distances. So it’s about lunch time and we stop in this no where’s ville of a place in Arkansas! We decide to hit up McDonalds because its McDonalds cheap and we want some of those fries! We go inside because the line outside is way to long and we joke about this trophy that’s in the McDonalds that has a list of where their employees are going to college and a lot of them were going to community college and we joked about are community college. hahaha. So we order Jeff gets his I get a cheese burger with everything on it she says everything I say YES! I start driving and I open my cheeseburger and there was nothing but cheese, onions and ketchup. We were very sleep deprived so I get all pissed off and started flippin the cheeseburger off ect. We thought it was funny at least. Stay with me because it gets real good after this!

    So Jeff and I switch and I drive today till about 190 miles from D.C. and this Pontiac is driving all crazy and it passes us on the shoulder and Jeff accidentally cuts some people in a white SUV because the Pontiac was going to clip us if he didn't jerk the car into the other lane. So we cut off the white SUV that we had noticed a long time a go had all of these gay and lesbian bumper stickers on the back of it. (We had been laughing about how many of these "rainbow stickers and gay rights stickers we had seen on cars driving by). (DISCLAMOR: WE ARE NOT AGANST ANY GAY PEOPLE WE JUST SAW ALOT SO WE MADE A LITTLE JOKE NO OFFENSE PLEASE IT WAS A JOKE) The white SUV started to tailgate us and started to get all aggressive with us and we were like what the HELL is this person doing? They did this for about 25 miles then they pass us, so we pass them, then they pass us. So we at this point we remember that they had those gay rights stickers on there bumper so I got a pen and paper and wrote in all caps “WHERE IS THE LESBIAN CONVENTION?” .Then all the girls in the SUV stared laughing. We are riding side by side and all the sudden they are rolling down there windows and so are we are yelling at them and they are at us and then I look in front of us cause Jeff isn’t prolly watching the road and all the sudden Jeff lets the car swerve a little and I accidentally take a picture and the reason Jeff swerved was because one of the girls flashed us. Jeff makes a tb inappropriate comment about her and we laugh all the way to D.C. they turn off towards the beach exit and we continue towards D.C. I never saw anything and my picture doesn’t show anything but the girl getting ready to commit the dirty deed. This was the first leg of the trip the next night and day holds one OF THE BEST STORIES THAT I WILL EVER EVER HAVE TO TELL IN MY LIFE!

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photo by: tj1777