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Brian and me at the game.
After the run, we headed back to the apartment to shower and get a quick breakfast.  Then Brian and I were off to catch a 1:05 baseball game.  As some of you may know, we are on a quest to not only visit every MLB ballpark, but to visit every MLB ballpark while the Mariners are playing there.  This is Yankee Stadium's final year (they're building a new Yankee Stadium right next to the old one) so we figured it was a good time to visit this park.  We took the subway from Barry and Shannon's apartment up to the Bronx and were dropped off right in front of the stadium.  Last year we traveled to Fenway and loved the old school charm of it and were hoping for something similar in New York.
Ichiro in that famous pose.
  After all, there is so much "history" associated with Yankee Stadium, surely it must be a majestic park.  As is the case with many things involving the Yankees, the park too is overrated.  It lacks the cozy appeal of the older parks and the modern conveniences of the newer parks.  It's just a boring baseball stadium (think Oakland Collesium minus the annoying drumming).  We made our way to our seats--we paid a small fortune for them, but they were very good seats just up the third base line--and settled in for the game.  Even though I dislike the Yankees, their fans and all the evil they represent, I must admit we were not harassed at all in our Mariner gear (perhaps being in last place made us seem less threatening).  Surprisingly the Ms hung in for most of the game.  Ichiro got an early homerun (and we got a picture of it) and A-Fraud was even having a bad day (Error anyone?).  But of course, this is not the Ms year (when will it be the Ms year by the way?  I've been waiting a while) and they choked a good lead away in the 8th and 9th to lose the game.  After the game, we made a quick exit to get back on the subway (which was SUPER crowded) and headed back into the city.  We met Barry and Shannon for a delicious pizza dinner and then turned in early as we were flying back to Austin early Monday morning. 
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Shannon and me on the Brookly Bridge looking back toward Manhattan.
Shannon and I woke up early today to go on a guided run.  I found this place called City Running Tours ( through an article I read in Fitness magazine.  In the past, I've enjoyed taking walking tours in cities and thought this might be similarly fun (plus I could get my long run done for the week).  Our guide Michael (who is also the owner of the company) met us in the lobby of Shannon and Barry's apartment at exactly 7am.  I had signed up for an 8-mile run, but Michael suggested making it a little longer by running directly from the apartment (and thus avoiding a subway trip).  It was a fabulous day to be out running.  And it was still early so most of the city was still asleep.
Shannon and me with the Wall Street Bull.
  First we ran by Battery Park.  We saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (to be noted: people were already in line to get across shortly after 7am--if you are going to do the Statue of Liberty, go early).  We also saw a statue from the courtyard of the World Trade Center.  It was badly damaged from the collapsing towers--another sobering reminder of the horrors of 9/11.  Next we ran through downtown--by the Bronze bull, down Wall Street and past the NYSE and Trinity Church.  We also ran past City Hall toward the Brooklyn Bridge.  The day before had been the 125th anniversary of the bridge and we ran across it this morning.  As we ran, Michael told us about the history of the bridge--the man who envisioned the bridge and began building it died before it was completed.
The city skyline from Brooklyn.
  His son took over, but suffered paralysis and became a quadraplegic after getting the bends while inspecting the bridge.  The son supervised the completion of the bridge from his Brooklyn home and his wife was the first official person to cross the completed bridge.  It was a mile across and then we were in Brooklyn.  We briefly ran into Brooklyn and stopped at a park to take some pictures looking back at Manhattan.  Then we crossed the Manhattan Bridge back into the city.  It was still early and the bridge let us out right in the heart of Chinatown.  The early morning smells were amazing (and reminded me of the market in Seattle).  There was little traffic and we were able to run right down the middles of the streets as we watched shopkeepers set up for the day.
In Central Park at the Betheseda Fountain.
  Next we ran through Little Italy.  From there, my geography gets a little fuzzy, but I recall that we ran through Greenwich Village, past Madison Square Garden and then up to Rockefeller Center.  (We also ran right past the house and park used to film "I Am Legend.")  We finished our run (all 11 something miles of it) in Central Park.  We posed by a fountain and cooled down by taking in some of the sights of the park.  We were able to see the John Lennon "Imagine" memorial and the Dakota Building where he died.  We finished our morning with a subway trip back to the apartment.  On the subway, Michael gave us both goody bags (just like when you run a race).  We got cute t-shirts, water, gu and a power bar.  The best part was the run was completely personalized for us and we got to go a little bit farther for the same price.  I would definitely do another city running tour if I get a chance. 
Brian and me at the game.
Brian and me at the game.
Ichiro in that famous pose.
Ichiro in that famous pose.
Shannon and me on the Brookly Brid…
Shannon and me on the Brookly Bri…
Shannon and me with the Wall Stree…
Shannon and me with the Wall Stre…
The city skyline from Brooklyn.
The city skyline from Brooklyn.
In Central Park at the Betheseda F…
In Central Park at the Betheseda …
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