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View from the car.
Mount Shasta is kind of a weird place. I'm always scared to go to the boonies unless I'm with a white person. Who knew that would probably be my last trip with Kieran as a single man =) I literally think he's the next one to get married. In hindsight, I should have been nicer to Kieran, but since when am I ever nice to Kieran? I think the world of him, respect his mind and intellect to no end, but there is something very Italian about our relationship  - we fight and fight!

Shasta is a nice mountain-top town. Kind of dusty, cold and quiet - my personal hell, you might say. The man made lake is a weird luminescent green color and we paid good money to climb through the inside cave system in one of the mountains led by a young tour guide who had one of those really dry, "I'm so bored with life" senses of humor.
I think the caves were made as they were tunnelled and looking for gold, but I can't remember.

Kieran was a darling and drove the whole way up from San Francisco to Seattle and back down again since I didn't know how to drive a manual. We pulled into this church parking lot so that I could try to learn, but it was a total bust. I could accelerate fine from gear to gear, but I didn't understand how to stop or slow down =) Sort of a theme in my life, I think...

We drove through an insane storm in Oregon and pulled over to sleep, only to be awoken by some hick dude at a godforsaken early hour who yelled that we were parked on private property and you can't sleep on private property. I guess we should just be lucky we weren't shot like you can do in Texas if someone "tresspasses". How miserable would that have been to be woken up by getting shot?! Holy moly..
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View from the car.
View from the car.
It was pretty warm in Washington!
It was pretty warm in Washington!
Kieran doing a pretty good job of …
Kieran doing a pretty good job of…
photo by: keef_mon