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From what I've gleaned from the 3 separate times I've visited...I love Seattle. Absolutely everything about it speaks to me in a very satisfying way. I remember when I was in college and looking at medical schools, I wanted more than anything to go to Univ. of Seattle because their medical program involved an internship where they split up the class - half of them go to the poor inner city to serve their populus while the other half go into the wilderness to assist there. Because let's face it, being in the boondocks you have similar problems of poverty and lack of access to medical care. That's #1. #2 - their buses downtown run for free, which tells me that their state/city government cares about congestion and air pollution.
Seattle Library
Unlike London, which charges a hefty fee for driving through downtown, Seattle does the polar opposite and arranges for buses to shuttle you around the congested city. #3 - I went on a tour of downtown and found out that the city mandates you portion 1% of your business budget towards local art. Talk about a great way of beautifying your city while putting your money where your mouth is and giving the local artists a sustainable means of livelihood. What a trip. And so, there is beautiful, original art everywhere you look. Artists are of the noble, creative kind, instead of the fighting-to-survive kind, which I believe is better for the soul.

Not to mention the food! The seafood here is extraordinary and the culinary feeling is amazing - just short of Napa Valley which in my mind wears the medal for fine cuisine.
There is this wonderful spice shop just below Pike Place market that has more spices than I've ever seen in my life. The food seems to taste better partially to the beautiful environs. Seattle is surrounded by water, sailboats, and mountains. It is one version of paradise to me (the other being Maui), at least in the summers. I have yet to visit during the winter, but I know for a fact driving from San Francisco to Seattle than it rains a ton more in Oregon than it does in Seattle.

I have very few fantasies because I tend to go out and accomplish the things I set my mind to, but one of my them would be to be in a relationship with a cute geek in Seattle who happens to have a sailboat/yacht. And together, we can cook yummy things on his boat and eat on the deck. That is my definition of a great life...
AndiPerullo says:
What a nice fantasy! Let me know if it comes true. Got my fingers crossed for ya!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2007
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Seattle Library
Seattle Library
in front of Seattle Library at nig…
in front of Seattle Library at ni…
Alaskan Way
Alaskan Way
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