What to bring, not forget, and think of before you leave to SEA (South East Asia)

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1. Travel Insurance.

Sounds incor some to waste money on it but....you never know. Costs for going to a hospital will certainly be minimal in a case of accident or for something small in SEA but if things get hairy, you will need air evacuation 9especially in laos and cambodia where hospitals suck and you need to go to bangkok or malaysia). US health insurances usuallly do NOT cover air evacuation. World Nomads has a very affordable travel plan that covers it all, including you ipod and extreme sports.

2. Shipping your fake North Face skiing jackets

Do not deny it or fool yourself you will not shop. It is a lie. You will and I can see it in your future in SEA. Therefore, leave to shop on the last day in bangkok. If not, the best deal is to ship it in boxes via DHL, although it will arrive 3 months later....The airport at Bangkok also has a service to store luggage up to 2 motnhs for a low cost.

3. PacSafe Travel Safe 100.

Your most crucial item for your trip. Do not argue, go and buy one online.

4. Buses

Lesson 1: dont ever, ever leave anything valuable in your backpack. That said, it included when you are on a night bus travelling and your case is down and under the damn bus all locked up with your TREI locks. Wrong! They will get to it while you snoar.

in Laos, when the bus leaves at 8 am, be there at 6:30. No joke! I wont get started with the whole positioning, purchasing ticket thing. Just be there at least an hour or more before the departure time. The bus will most likely leave before the time scheduled, arrive hours after it was supposed to and confuse the hell out of you. Who cares, just be there early.

5. Lonely Planet

The bible. Some say guidebooks are stupid. Well, in certain places and times, I disagree. They saved me. BUT, the most importnat of all is Thorntree fe bible that talks to you. On their website you can go to your country of destinationand find any questions, answer or post your own. It is amazing and extremelly helpful.

6. Bring:

Motion sickness pills,


pepto bismol,

tampons for you ladies,

condoms for the gentleman who do not want to get a STD , unless you have a small weiner of course-condoms in SEA are smaller...(and ladies)

card reader or plug for your digital camera-it is known to get virus downloaded once you go to internet cafe to download your pictures....seriously. it happened to me.

Bed sheets!!!!!!!!!!!! bring one, very very important to bring your sheet.

Always carry toilet paper in your bag.

Dont give candy to the children (not joking, cultural repercussions)

elephants in the streets of bangkok are not cool-see the Elephant nature park and foudnation in Chaing Mai.

Do not be afraid to eat from the streets. The best of the best, especially in markets where the chicken sits for 3 hours or all day (or I dont even want to know) over the grill.....

before you pay for your room, check it out first, i mean, walk into it!

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