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So, I had been in Jakarta for a month preparing an important proposal for our client. Being away from Pekanbaru (read: Pekanboring) for awhile was truly a blessing! Even though work was not easy since I had to stay late in the office, sometimes even until the wee hours of morning, I was still having a blast enjoying Jakarta and hanging out with my good friends.

When my departure day was approaching, a friend of mine invited me to go for a white water rafting in Sukabumi with his buddies. My first white water rafting experience 2 years ago was unbelievably awesome, so I couldn’t say NO for this one.

I told about this plan to my best buddy Siska (TB profile name: ffransiska) who just arrived for a couple of days in Indonesia after being sent away to Abu Dhabi for a year working there.

Since she never tried rafting, she wanted to join this activity so she signed up. On the D day, there were a total of 11 retards going rafting to Sukabumi with ArusLiar!!

It took about 3 hours to go from Jakarta to Sukabumi. It was a mixed of heaven and hell torture. The trip wasn’t 100% smooth on the way there since potholes were everywhere and we experienced traffic jammed. However, the view was remarkable and the cold weather was perfect so there was no need to complain. After 1,5 hours we stopped by at a Sundanese (West Java) restaurant to have our early lunch. They served various great Indonesian foods!

As soon as we arrived at ArusLiar base in Sukabumi, we got our butts in gear. Each one of us got a life jacket, a helmet and a paddle. Afterwards, 11 of us plus 3 rafting guides were thrown in a small pick up car and the driver took us to the starting point which is 4 km away.

Going there was like riding a roller coaster! Scary yet fun! It was filled of scream and laughter!

There were 3 rafting boats welcomed us when we got to the starting point and we were divided into 3 groups. A safety procedure briefing took place before we embarked. Then…the fun of 8km rafting begins!!

The bottom line is.. all of us were having the greatest time of our lives! We had a never ending water splash war using our paddles! Some people were over boarded and what we did was saving them and laughing at them! We also spent a couple of minutes swimming in vewwy vweey cold water :P

We spent 2,5 hours rafting in Citarik River. When we finished at the finish point, we got a fresh coconut juice. Then we were thrown to a big truck that would bring our asses back to ArusLiar base. We had the best ride! The sun was setting and the view of rice paddies along the way was fantastic!

I was worn-out but was having a blast as well! After dinner, we made our way back to Jakarta. That would be another couple of hours driving. I decided to zonk in the car.

aligoingbackpacks says:
th1777: canals in Jakarta?? wow definitely not worthy of any rafting activity :-p
Posted on: Jun 20, 2009
rintjez says:
hahaha, this is way better than the canals in Jakarta ;)
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
tj1777 says:
vauw the canals in jakarta looks crazy ;)
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
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with Siska...
with Siska...
photo by: YantiSoeparno