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The party boat gang! Sebastian, Erin, Mel, Sheila, Alice, Captain J, Tracy, Charles, Me and Julz
The day was absolutely gorgeous.  And what a perfect way to end a great weekend with friends.  There were 10 of us on the boat and it cost us each a whole $9!!!  SWEET!!  It was freaking awesome to do what I regularly do with my RLF's and now I get to share it with my TB friends turned RLFs!!!  :-)  I learned "RLF" on the boat too!! hee hee.  "Captain J" took us around for about 75minutes before we headed back to the dock.  I wanted to show them Nick Cages house and yacht, but I didn't recognize it.  Don't think we went to where it was. 
After our little relaxing cruise we were all ready to eat again.
Jelly sandwich... on Ciabatta Charles and Sourdough Sebastian! haha
  Since we were in the beach area, it made no sense to drive inland when so many of them had to drive back to LA...(Sheila, Alice, Tracy and Mel).  We titty twisted Sebastian and Jamie and convinced them to just stay the night and my place.  Jamie had to drive all the way back to Yuma, AZ and it was already 8pm and we had not eaten dinner yet.  Erin agreed to take Julz to the airport the next day and drop Sebastian off in Hermosa on the way up!!  Everything worked out fabulous.  We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Newport Beach.  We shared a room with one other family but they left shortly after we got there but not before we joined in the chanting of Happy Birthday to their one year old daughter!! lol  It was awesome to have a quiet area all to ourselves, I can't stand groups like us lol!!   The night was like having dinner at home with a large family.
Let's go Capt. Crunch!
  All gathered around the table and laughing up a storm.  
During our dinner, Sebastian was caught a few times making googly eyes with his teddy bear.  We had all signed it on the boat so it was our little "something to remember the OC group by."  The bears lil' sweatshirt was made of fleece so it was really difficult to write on it, but we managed to write our names at least.  And in the front I wrote "OC" on each side of the Dave and Busters logo.  We told Sebastian he has to name it... and decide boy or girl.  Since the initials in the front read "OC"  we threw out names with O and C as the first letters.  We came up with Oliver Charles!  Otherwise known as "OC"!!!!!!  Clever huh?? :-)  Sebastian is in love with this bear!!! He played with it at dinner and even at my house the next day!! lol good choice on the gift! haha

After our hearty dinner, we said our goodbyes.
He's mad he got caught showing his sensitive side!
  The LA girls headed back north, Charles kindly took Alice and Jamie back to the Spectrum to get their cars (it was on his way home),  Erin took a joy ride too so she could keep Jamie company (and from getting lost heading back to my house), and Julz, Sebastian and I went home.  We lounged around for a bit.  Got the bed situation taken care of and got ready for bed.   Julz had to move bunks and crash w/ Erin and we stuck Jamie and Sebastian together in a room!  At about 12:30 we started to watch a movie.  I chose one I had already seen but Jamie and Sebastian had never seen..(The life of David Gayle).  They were tired but I picked one I knew they wouldn't be able to sleep through.

Julz and Erin fell asleep w/in 15 minutes of the start of the movie and Julz got up and headed to bed shortly after.  Erin had seen the movie already so she got her laptop and began chatting away.
The Sunday sleepover crew minus Julz
  I was guilty of texting during the movie.  But it worked.  They guys were so intruiged with the movie!! They did not fall asleep at all!!  hahaha

Once it was over, the boys responded with a "wow!!  That was a great movie"  and went to bed.  Erin and I got to have a bit more heart to heart time and I was in bed by 4. 
jpchoi says:
congrats JELLY!!!
Posted on: Jun 09, 2008
jpchoi says:
so much teasing... bad angel!!
Posted on: Jun 09, 2008
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The party boat gang! Sebastian, Er…
The party boat gang! Sebastian, E…
Jelly sandwich... on Ciabatta Char…
Jelly sandwich... on Ciabatta Cha…
Lets go Capt. Crunch!
Let's go Capt. Crunch!
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The Sunday sleepover crew minus J…
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He's in love with Oliver Charles!
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Me and Bastian on the boat... tak…
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