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How gorgeous!! Doesn't that just brighten YOUR day??
Today it was back to the daily grind of endless chores, emails, paperwork and stress.  I was definitely missing my TB's today and got random emails/texts/calls throughout the day letting me know that I'm missed and thought of.  Plus the endless smiles from this blog.  I'm glad I'm able to share my weekend w/ silly and wild tb's and endless activities.

Sometime in the afternoon, right before I headed to do the rest of my errands there was a knock on the door.  I looked through the peep hole... no one there!!  Weird...  I look again and I see a balloon floating in front of it!  Strange, what the heck??  I opened the door and right in front there was a gorgeous arrangement of flowers, a note and a balloon that said "thank you."  I immediately felt loved!  But who was it from??

The warm hearted, kind giver is
Julz!!  She wrote the kindest words that brought me to tears.
No Julz... thank you!! MUAH!!
  It was just perfect timing 'cause I was having a rough morning!!  I quickly sent her a text to let her know I love her back and that was so thoughtful and kind of her!!  I absolutely loved having her over for the whole weekend and am ever so grateful to have had real one on one time to bond with this wonderful, fun, loving, and caring woman!!  You never know where you'll meet true friends, but when you get them, hold on to them tight!!

Thank YOU Julz for everything.  I'm just a reflection of the beauty and kindness you share with others!! And I will do my best to hang in :-)  I'm so thankful for friends like you, and I cherish the relationship we have!!  Thanks for coming!

There are others of you out there.
Another day another gorgeous bouquet!
  Who have stepped up to be my "sisters, friends, and shoulders to lean on"  and I adore you wonderful ladies just the same.  You know who you are!!  Women like you make life that much more incredible when we are able to share the great times!!!  And I had a GREAT time this weekend!!! 

Thank you to those of you who have always been there.  From a year ago until today, I continue to make some great friends!!  Oh, and I can't forget some of you men too!!  :-)  Thanks for your support through this challenging time!!  My "brothers!!"  I feel loved! :-)


So I since I'm not really traveling, I'm just going to extend on this blog.  Another tiring day today, but got things accomplised.
And look at them together!! Thanks girls!! Love you both!!
  Had a migraine come on late afternoon so I took a nap.  And what did I wake up to... at about 7:30pm lol ?? 

More flowers at my door!!  Seriously... can I ask for better friends??? I think not!! 
Erin also sent me a bouquet of gorgeous flowers.  Funny cause I was just chatting w/ her right before I went to lay down!! lol  And the love continues!! :-)

Thanks Erin... they are beautiful,just like you!!  And you are always welcome to stay with me!! HUGS!!

I just realized that Julz floweres matched my outfit on Fri. and Erins matched me on Sat!!  What a coincidence... who's next?? JUST KIDDING!!  My home is very fragrant and uplifting because of these 2 wonderful arrangements!!  And of course the thought that goes with them just warms my heart!!!  Yeah, see flowers on my anniversary!  Isn't life grand??  Yes... yes it is!! :-)
Jelly says:
It's not too late Sebastian!! I do need another arrangement! hahaha :-P
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
skosch says:
Wow. Oh wow. That's neat and you've deserved them too, for being such a great hostess :-)
Sorry I didn't know your address, hahaa ;-D
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
Kathryn says:
They are gorgeous flowers too! Nothing makes a room smell better than fresh flowers... Well except maybe delicious food! Thanks again hun!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2008
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How gorgeous!!  Doesnt that just …
How gorgeous!! Doesn't that just…
No Julz... thank you!! MUAH!!
No Julz... thank you!! MUAH!!
Another day another gorgeous bouqu…
Another day another gorgeous bouq…
And look at them together!!  Thank…
And look at them together!! Than…
And the back... pretty all around!
And the back... pretty all around!
Isnt it lovely??
Isn't it lovely??
photo by: hightide