Eeekkkk!! It's Julz, she's at the airport!

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Crazy day!  When is it not... well, ok, so, even more crazy today.  I had a hair appointment 10, an attorney appointment @ 2, a shopping appointment, and meet w/ Erin by 4, then Julz at the airport by 5!!!  So... I tried... I did!
I told my stylist let's do minimal.  Had to get out of there by 1pm.  Three hours to do my hair should be plenty... right??  Wrong!!  I was there until 1:20!!  Ok, fine, skip heading to my house to eat and change, just to right to my attorneys office and grab a bite on the way.  Wonderful.  Back on target.  I actually finished with my attorney sooner than expected 1:45!! Yeay!!  Time to head to get something to wear for tomorrow.  GGrrrr!!! Fell behind AGAIN.  Was on the phone with my mom, she called right before I went to try on the clothes... dog gone it!!  Kinda rushed her, but still was on the phone 15 mins.  There went the extra 15 mins I had! lol
Erin calls, she's going to be later than she thought!  Good!!  I dash home, to get ready!  CRAP!!  Need to change bed sheets on 3 beds and set up the air mattress too!!  I had Erin, Julz, Queen CW herself and Tracy crashing at my place for the night.  So I dash to do that at the same time as I try to get ready... how does that work???  Well, it doesn't.  Erin arrives at my place a bit after 4 and I'm all icky from climbing up and down the loft bed and bunk beds to change the sheets and comforters.  I set up the air mattress in my room and litterally threw a sheet on top of it.  No time to fix it, I didn't even have time to shower.  I grabbed my stuff and was ready to head out when... Julz calls!!!!  She's already at the airport!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  What a bad friend!!  Erin and I rush out the door, fight traffic and pick up our lovely Julz! heehee.
Once we got here, we went straight to Hermosa Beach!!  whoo hooo!!  Pre-meet, here we come!
Swedesurfer says:
Aloha and congrats on the featuring ! And on that great hair job ! Wish we could have some travbuddt meetings here in Hawaii... Christian from Hawaii (and Travbuddy friend of Joy)
Posted on: Jun 11, 2008
ratu says:
Congratz on being featured!

Posted on: Jun 11, 2008
Jelly says:
HAHAHA that's lame!!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2008
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