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Service with a smile...Tea cup matches his shirt! LOL

If you happen to be in the Orange County area, check out "Angel's House" for your accomodation needs.  There are several rooming options from the great loft with separate office below, or the two story suite (bunk beds), complete with a variety of kids toys and board games for your down time.  Although the guest bath is shared, it is clean and large, and fresh towels are provided upon check in. 

The main living area features a nice leather couch, recliner, and a computer with Internet access.  A TV with unlimited access to movies is provided for your viewing pleasure.  Additional movies can be checked out through the neighborhood resources like, Charles (Chucklesb).  A selection of movies awaits guests, the chosen one for Sunday night was "The Life of David Gale" which happens to be one of my favorite movies.

pancakes and toppings, sans the whipped cream!

The best thing about the accomodations here is the free breakfast provided.  The last day of my stay, Starbucks to order was delivered piping hot.  Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with peppers, crispy bacon, and pancakes with a variety of fresh fruit toppings.  The only negatives were the syrup was not warmed up and there was no whipped cream.  We let the innkeeper know and she promised to rectify those issues for future stays!!! 


HA HA HA...while sitting at breakfast with Julz, Angel, and Sebastian - Angel made a joke about reviewing her place.  She felt really bad that she didn't warm up the syrup for us (apparently I have been deprived my entire life since NO ONE has ever warmed syrup up for me.

Internet availability...Sebastian getting ready to post "junk" - Watch out Jenn79...he's on your page!!
...ha ha) and she kept apologizing for no whipped cream for the pancakes.  Like we really needed it anyways! LOL.  So Angel, this review's for you!!! ;-)

Jamie had gotten up and left relatively early as he had to be to work that evening.  Julz, Sebastian, and I sorta goofed around and just hung out chatting and posting "junk" on each others' profiles as Sebastian likes to call it.  We had such a great time and I am really happy Sebastian decided to stick it out all weekend with us.  He said he had a blast and now I hope to return the favor and visit him in Germany as he wants us to do!! :D 

As I was finishing up work, Julz and I watched Sebastian check out the various names on his shirt and as he'd realize a profile he didn't add yet, he'd quickly look them up on TB and send a message or add them (despite his claim that he never adds people).

Partial breakfast
  LOL.  We say our goodbyes and take our last circle pic (with Oliver Charles included) and head out to drop Julz off at the Long Beach airport and then Sebastian back at his hostel so I can get on the road.  We get Julz to the airport with only 20 minutes to spare before her flight (she made it ok!!!) and then Sebastian and I detour a bit through downtown Long Beach and the Queen Mary area and it's time to take him back. 

After leaving them, I felt sad and a part of me felt empty!  I arrived at my folks house, worked for a bit, said my goodbyes to them which was even harder as my Dad ended up crying as I left which broke my heart.  On top of him getting sad every time I venture back home, my Mom received some bad news about her brother's health on Sunday which complicated the situation and left me on quite the downer as I prepared for my 7-8 hour drive back home.

The last circle pic complete with Oliver Charles present!!
  I wish I could've stayed but I had meetings back up here in Sacramento that I couldn't get out of so I ventured out.  I didn't get on the road until around 5pm and didn't hit too bad of traffic, just had several incidents of getting royally cut off by the stupid Honda driver (sorry Mel) and then having a married man try to talk to me from his vehicle (yeah, great job of getting me to pay attention to you as you wave me down with your LEFT hand, clearly showing the wedding ring...nice buddy, really nice).  And the highlight of my drive was the fleeting glance at the HOT Ambulance guy with a complete sleeve of tattoos (drool drool).   

Jelly says:
LOL... U did it!! Ur so funny and sweet! And I told you I could have warmed the syrup still if you guys wanted!! Miss you girls and Sebastian! Call me if you need to k.
Posted on: Jun 12, 2008
alicegourmet says:
Angel is such a great hostess! :-)
Posted on: Jun 12, 2008
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Service with a smile...Tea cup mat…
Service with a smile...Tea cup ma…
pancakes and toppings, sans the wh…
pancakes and toppings, sans the w…
Internet availability...Sebastian …
Internet availability...Sebastian…
Partial breakfast
Partial breakfast
The last circle pic complete with …
The last circle pic complete with…
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