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Well it turned into a beautiful afternoon, so I decided to drag the boys off to Rosslyn Chapel.  Bobby was a bit of a pill while we were inside the chapel, but Brian enjoyed himself.  He snapped away on his camera and took over 100 pictures. The chapel was very interesting. It was nice to be able to place things into perspective after reading the Dan Brown book, and the others that I have read. (This chapel is a focal point in things dealing with the Knights Templar.  The stone carvings inside the chapel are amazing. What is even more amazing is the shear scope of the carvings.  There are hundreds of not thousands of them. One fact that I found interesting was some carvings that depicted ears of corn.  This is amazing for the fact that the chapel was built 50 years before Columbus “discovered” the Americas.  There is a story that one of the St. Claire earls of Rosslyn and some Templars sailed to the U.S. northeastern coast and stayed with the MicMac Indians.  The carvings make that story more interesting since there is no way the artist could have known what corn looked like if somebody from their community had not been to the Americas…more than 50 years before Columbus.


After we left the chapel we walked down to the ruins of Rosslyn Castle.  Brian is completely enthralled by castle ruins.  First Urquardt, and now Rosslyn.  Tomorrow is Edinburgh Castle.  I am still curious to see what his reactions will be.


After we left Rosslyn we started back for the hotel.  We drove past a Costco, so being the former Price Club guy that I am I wanted to take a look.  Unfortunately I had emptied all the non essential things from my wallet, and did not have my membership card.  I asked if I could get a preview or one day shopping pass.  No go.  The employees there were not very polite.  I will have to drop a letter to Jim Sinegal and let him know how I was treated.  Not very impressive customer service.  Even more so for somebody that used to work for the company and has been a member for well over 20 years.


We then returned to the hotel.  They boys did their nightly swimming, but got kicked out of the pool at 20:00.  The pool is part of a gym that is in the same building as the hotel. I guess the pool closes when the gym closes. Everything closes early here.  Most stores by 17:30.  Quite different than London.

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The boys and I set off to try to do laundry this morning.  It is amazing, this is the country’s capital city, and there are only 2 coin laundries. And as far as I can tell, one closed.  We drove around for about an hour trying to find the laundries I had listed on a map the hotel gave me. As I said, one went out of business. The other, was near the sports stadium.  There was some sort of “event” going on, and they had the entire area marked as no parking.  Arggg.  I can’t do laundry to save my life.  The desk clerk said something about sending laundry out…maybe that is what I will need to do.


It is a rainy day with some spots of hail.  We came back to the room for a bit, so I could figure out the laundry situation. I still can’t get over the fact that there are only 2 coin laundries.  We have that many in a couple block area in Chula Vista. The other thing that is driving me nuts is the parking. There is no where to park in this city.  And where there is parking, the people just park willy nilly. Cars parked facing the wrong way, double parked, it is crazy.  There have been a couple times when I pulled onto a street and got a start, seeing cars parked facing me.  I was worried I was going the wrong way on a one way street.


If it clears up this afternoon, we are going to go down to the “Royal Mile” and walk around town.  That is if I can find a place to park the car.

photo by: vances