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Well, we are off, on our way to Scotland.  We are in the lounge at Heathrow waiting for our flight to Edinburgh.  We are a bit early (did not know how long it would take to get through the check in and security stuff) but I did not want to risk missing our flight. All of our airline tickets are non refundable. If we miss a flight, we are SOL.  Brian and Bobby are charming just about everyone they meet.  They had a blast in the pool again last night, and the girl working the baggage counter today asked if I would like to leave them with her while I travel on.  You should have seen the look on Brian’s face when I said sure, could I pick them up in a week or so J


We are sitting by a huge picture window in the lounge, watching the planes taxi by to the take off point. So many different types of jets and so many different airlines.  It is fun to try to figure out what country each airline is from.  Some are easy, some just leave you scratching your head.


I was more impressed with the security check we went thru today.  Quick, efficient, and non intrusive.  They still made me take out my laptop, but we did not have to take off our shoes.  It was not rushed, and there was a table to stop at and put everything back together.


Side note on courtesy.  We had breakfast from McD’s this morning. While I was paying for our food, I thanked the girls working the counter for being so polite and helpful (we had a couple other meals there), and taking the time to make sure the boys understood what was being said. (The service people over here speak English, but often with a very heavy accent. Many of the serving staff and hotel workers here are from Eastern Europe.  It is funny to be in the mother country of the English language, and not be able to understand what people are saying).  The girl behind the counter asked if I was from the U.S. When I confirmed that, she told me that she had thought so, because most people from other parts of the world would not have bothered to say anything to them.


Early waking.  The boys internal clocks are still out of wack.  They woke up at 4:30 again this morning.  And of course, if they are awake, dad is awake.  Well at least I did not have to wait for the wake up call I had requested.


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photo by: ulysses