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4-10-06 pm


Well there were no repercussions from yesterdays trip to Mary King’s Close.  Neither of the boys had any problems sleeping…other than getting to sleep.  It took a bit, but finally we all fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, and was able to turn off the lights in the room. (They were “all” on when we fell asleep). And, Brian continues to read a book about ghost and other haunted sites here in Scotland.  Go figure!


Today the boys and I decided to give the whole tourist thing a rest.  We just hung out around the hotel.  The boys spend most of the day swimming.  2 hours in the afternoon, and then another 3 hours this evening.  There were some other kids at the pool with their parents, but Brian and Bobby were the eldest.  They pretty much ran the show!


Having the day to relax allowed me to catch up on some reading.  I have actually been reading 2 books.  I finished both books.  One was by Edward Rutherford. It was the 2nd in a set (I would not be surprised if there was one more, the last did not quite bring the story up to the present. He usually tells the story of a location from ancient times up to the 20th century) dealing with life in Ireland.  It was very interesting.  Here I am of Irish decent and a lot of the information was material I was not familiar with.  After reading it, I can understand more of the reasons for the “troubles” they have had there.  That, coupled with stories I have heard about the English conquest of the rest of the countries here about, make me understand exactly how repressive the English were.  It is good to understand history!


This is our last day in Edinburgh.  We fly back to London for 4 nights tomorrow. I have enjoyed the freedom that the rental car has given us…but I will also feel better about our travels around London using the public transportation.  It has been a bit of a bother using the car.  As I have said in the past, driving here can be confusing.  The streets seem to change names every couple of blocks, and if there is any reason to the parking here, I have not been able to figure it out.  And unlike back home, there is no ample parking.  I now feel even more appreciative of our pampered roadways, and other vehicle perks.


I have been reading during the evenings, but last night I watched a bit of TV.  I was watching an episode of Law and Order: CI.  Either the tv speaker is out of wack, or they have voiced over the characters dialog. The voices did not sound right. Can’t figure out why.


I was finally able to access the Internet from our hotel here in Edinburgh.  But the provider had blocked access to the blogging site.  Arggg.  I have days and days of blog entries saved, just waiting to upload.  Hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow.  Either while waiting at the airport, or at the hotel in London.

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photo by: vances