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Well after the lay over at JFK in New York, we finally got on the jet for the next leg of our trip. This jet was a 777 (the one from SD to NY was a 757), it was bigger and very much nicer than the first jet. There was more room inside, and the boys thought it was cool because each seat had its own personal little tv monitor.  After the jet was airborne they started the entertainment from the monitors.  The boys had their choice of a few hours of Cartoon Network, or about 10 other channels to watch. I tried to watch a couple of movies, but they were pretty lame, so I turned it to a favorite sit com. Two and a Half Men. I later watched a movie called National Treasure. The boys and I had already seen it in the local theatres, but it was entertaining none the less.


This flight was not as full as the 1st one.  The boys were sitting in the windows seats and I was right across the aisle from them. They were well behaved (a lady sitting behind them even remarked on it. She said she was a retired teacher, and was impressed by how well they acted, even with their movements restricted for so long. They don’t know it (well they will when they read this later), but that behavior is going to be generously rewarded.  So far Robert (I have been told he does not want me to call him Bobby in this blog because his friends will probably read it…we’ll see. Hard to call him anything else other than Bobby or Bob) seems to be the most impressed with the air travel.  He really seemed to enjoy looking out the window as we took off or landed.  Lots to see.


When we arrived in London we had to go through Customs. Not much trouble there.  And then pick up our bags. Again, no problem. Then we were off to find the bus to our hotel. Lots of walking thru the terminals, but still no problem. We found our bus and it was off to the hotel. I had a brief scare at the check in desk. The guy could not find my reservation. (Turned out he was looking for David Wilson, not David Willson. What a difference one little letter can make). After that was all squared away. We went up to our room. I was not sure what to expect.  The last time I stayed at a motel near Heathrow the room was tiny.  But this room is pretty nice. It is large, has 2, very comfortable queen size beds and  a nice size bathroom with good water pressure. It will do very nicely. The big reason I picked this hotel was it had a swimming pool (not all that common I have found out) and it allows easy access to the airport for our flight to Scotland on Monday. Other wise I would not recommend stay near the airport. A tube (that is the London Underground) ride into London and a hotel there would be better. Closer to all the popular stuff.


One slight problem I have to resolve today. The inverters I bought do not have a grounded plug receptacle.  I can’t plug my laptop power plug into them (yet).  I need to find an adapter to allow that.  Not sure how hard that is going to be since the power stuff is different over here.  But, I am sure I am not the first person to have this problem. So I am sure I will be able to fix this problem.

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photo by: ulysses