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Stairwell at Hamleys, was made up with scenes from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Darn!  I am down at the pool keeping my eye on my two Santee Monsters and my laptop picked up a wireless node. My pulse quickened, and my mouth started watering. Could it be, could the motel have set up a free wireless network as a courtesy to their many business clients (lots of guys in monkey suits walking around). NO!!! They were just teasing me. It is not a free connection L


Well today was a late start. The boys woke up around o’dark thirty this morning for some reason. I am guessing their bodies have not reset to the local time yet. When I looked at the clock and saw what time it was (04:15), I told the monsters to go back to bed!  Well they took that direction to heart, and slept until 11:30.

With out the brats.
  I tried to wake them up a couple of times, but they were not having any of that. I decided it would be better to loose some sight seeing time, then to have them be major grumpy butts. So I let them sleep.  When they finally motivated themselves out of bed we decided to take the Tube into town. We had not eaten breakfast yet, so I decided to surprise the boys.  I knew there was a Krispy Kream donut shop inside Harrods Department store.  So that is were we headed. While we were in Harrods, we walked thru the very extensive candy department. I thought this would be an excellent place for the boys to try to find Turkish Delight.  It is a candy that was featured in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie.  They have been asking about it ever since they saw the movie.  Well they found what they wanted.  There were so many different flavors to choose from.  They chose the “rose” flavor.
One of the floors in Hamleys. Bobby is playing with one of the toys.
  They like it, but decided to get some “chocolate”.  All in all a good choice to start the day. 


After we left Harrods, we went looking for Hamleys.  This is a huge, seven story toy store in an area called Oxford Circus.  I forgot the tour book we have, but we were still able to find the store.  And in typical guy fashion we did it with out asking directions.  Ha! and in a foreign country to boot!  It is good to be a man!  J  We stayed at the store for a while enjoying the displays and activities they had set up for the kids.

Look, they even deliver for free.
  One of the things that the boys really like was something they had set up in the stairway. They had props from the fore mentioned Lion, Witch and Wardrobe movie.  Their was some photo opportunities and even Bobby got into the act, and asked me to take several pictures of him with the stuff that was set up.  Being in a toy shop presented the usual kid type problems.  They started finding stuff they wanted to buy.  I told them no (mean dad), that if they wanted toys they would have to wait until we got back into London after our visit to Scotland. I don’t want to haul around a bunch of toys. Neither was happy with me. But, I did relent and let Bobby buy a pack of Yu Gi Oh cards. I later ribbed him about we flew over 7000 miles just to get a pack of Yu Gi Oh cards.


We left Hamblys and made our way to an area called Queensway.  I remembered there was a combo bowling alley and ice rink there.  We bowled a game, had dinner in this very touristy area.  We then made our way back to the hotel for a session of swimming. 


We will be off to Loch Ness tomorrow. Our first 4 nights we will be staying at a B & B.  Not sure what the internet availability will be. I noticed there are quite a lot of internet café’s here in London. The hourly rate for connection is very reasonable, but I don’t think they will let me plug in my thumb drive, so I would have to sit at one of their computers to type.  Smoking seems to be a national past time over here, so I don’t think I could manage to sit there for long.  It may be different in Scotland as I hear they have taken an almost Californian approach to smoking restrictions.  We will have to see.  Tomorrow I also will be driving here for the first time.  One of my favorite TV shows is a show called The Amazing Race.  I figure if some of the chuckleheads they have on this program can manage to drive in Europe, than I should be able to manage also.  We will see.


Well it has suddenly got very quiet in the pool.  I better go make sure they monsters are not trying to drown one another.

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Stairwell at Hamleys, was made up …
Stairwell at Hamleys, was made up…
With out the brats.
With out the brats.
One of the floors in Hamleys. Bobb…
One of the floors in Hamleys. Bob…
Look, they even deliver for free.
Look, they even deliver for free.
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