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Are we there yet?


Nope not yet, so stop asking!!!  Here we are in JFK airport.  The flight from San Diego to New York was a lot faster than I thought it would be.  The boys were very well behaved. They each broke out their DVD players and started watching stuff.  I glanced over and Brian was watching King Kong, and Bobby was watching something, but I could not see because he was not sitting next to me.  Bobby had the window seat for the first leg of our trip.  He really enjoyed looking at the lights of the various cities as we flew over the country.  Brian will get the window seat the next time we have one.  I can’t remember what seats I picked for the next part of our flight.  We are either all sitting in a middle row, or the boys are sitting in the two seats next to the window, and I have a end seat on the middle aisle.


Flying into New York was pretty neat.  The sun was coming up as we started our final approach.  So we were able to see the city lights at night, and as the day began.  We did not get to see any of downtown or the Statue of Liberty though.  Maybe on the trip out we will get to see some more.


Note from Brian: I can’t wait to get to London.


We should get into London sometime around 9pm local time.  It seems strange…to leave at 9:30 pm from San Diego, and arrive at 9pm in London.  I know it is the time zone difference, but it still seems strange.  But it will really be a good thing.  By the time we get to our hotel in London, we will have been up for almost 28 hours.  We will get a good night’s sleep, and will be fresh to start our exploring on Saturday morning.


This flight was not so bad for me.  I am usually a wreck when I fly. But this time I was fairly relaxed.  Still not relaxed enough to sleep on the flight, but better than previous times.  Maybe it is having the boys with me.  Maybe I worry about them, and don’t have the time (more like energy) to worry about myself.


Well I was hoping to find a wireless connection here at JFK. But no go.  This airport does not seem to be very well laid out.  It seemed like we had to walk forever to get from the terminal we arrived at to the one we would be flying out of.  The TSA check area here at JFK is not well laid out.  They process a whole bunch of people, but there is not enough space.  We had to take off our shoes, and put all of our stuff on the X-ray checker belt.  I had to take my laptop out of its case and send them through separately. Then there was no room to sit down and put everything back together.  And the oh so pleasant lady at the back end of the X-ray machine was yelling at everybody to keep moving.  Felt like telling her buy a vowel and get a clue.


That is it for now.

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New York
photo by: herman_munster