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when i arrived back in buenos aires in Feb of 2007, it was like returning home. it was an unexpected trip, decided literally the day before i departed. i was in rio de janeiro with friends, and while i enjoyed the city, the safety issues was becoming a big problem and i just couldnt relax. my friend and i decided to cut our brazil trip a little short and check out buenos aires. when i landed there, i knew, and felt that it was home. its a place that i immediately connected with. the week i spent there was too short. in that time i met up with my father's old friend from before i was born. i also went to my actual birth place, the literal apartment building my parents lived and gave birth to me. was amazing.

i wanted to fast forward 9 months.
i travel a lot for my job which means i racked up a lot of miles. sadly business travel isnt really much fun because you spend your time working like a dog between the office, the hotel, and airport, thats all you really get to see. plus you get to go to exotic places like omaha. but the one benefit is the ff miles which enabled me to go to south america twice last year on miles. so i went back to buenos aires in november.

it was my 30th birthday...and i wanted to go somewhere for myself. no one else could go with me, but i decided to check it out anyways. ive never been one to wait around to have a companion to do something with. i believe in DIY. so i went and had a fabulous time. i met some great people, but would have been even better had i discovered this website prior to that trip...until next time dear argentina, my heart is still there...
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