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this is in manuel antonio
Ok it has now been just about 5 weeks, thats i have been in Costa Rica, i feel like i   should  have  somany stories..... but it seems i dont have that many. I started off here in San jose! I think we must have spent at least a week here, in Costa Rica backpackers! The hostel is good there are about 5 computers here that you can use for free so thats one hell of a good thing! Especially when you have a mum like mine who wants to talk to you every moment of the day! Any way..... we ventured of  to our first new place bout 3 weeks ago! A place called  Jaco!   And to put it in a few words.... we HATED it! It was just full of all Americans which i personally have nothing against,  but i came to this  country hoping it would be as i remember, no tourists!!!!!! and unspoilt!! Its changing,  and  fast!
 We  came back to San Jose the next day, and decided where we wanted to go next! we both decided on  Manuel Antonio! which i can honestly say was amazing!! Just everything bout it! It may have helped that we was in the most amazing hostel, with the best view,  but in all honestly the place was amazing!!!!
The beach was a nice stretch of palm trees and blue sea!
It was a very relaxed place! Me and my friend also met some very nice people here! one night we even went out to see some of the night life, and it turnt into a fun packed night.
I danced the night away to Techno, salsa, and even  kylie! Tico after Tico asked to dance with this blonde haired blue eyed girl! Its a shame i can not remember the name of this discotech!
 After a week o f manuel we thought we best moved on, so we hopped on the bus to the Dominical, which had not much there, a few shops, bars, restaurants, the beach hmmmm.... i was not impressed with, it was as if the beach  had been trashed, also it did look polluted! so was no chance in gettin in for a swin  in that sea.
Well we made our way back to Manuel Antonio spent a few more relxing days here  where we had a very nice encounter with a sloth, who decided to come down from this tall tree to go to the toilet! It was so amazing to see one so close, a man told us we could even pet it, but thought it was best  not  to as did not want to upset mr sloth! (also no picture as i did not want my camara   to  flash)
This was our first sloth encounter, w e  had became board of monkey after monkey on the beach! One thing before i finish with Manuel Antonio is i advise very very strongly to take bug spray when stayin here as this place has so many! After a couple of days i just wanted to hide in a hole away from everything.  If you have a mozzie net USE IT!!!!!!!!

But enough of me rambling on, im now back in San jose and deciding where i would like to go next, i think i may take a trip to Volcan Arenal.

lizzo100 says:
I totaly agree with this comment!!!! well said
Posted on: Nov 20, 2006
Higton says:
General rule about Costa Rica - Pacific Coast = Yanks; Caribbean Coast = cultural diversity. Could not agree more on Jaco.
Posted on: Nov 20, 2006
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this is in manuel antonio
this is in manuel antonio
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San Jose
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