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I have found today out this week that the horn of a car is used here much more aggressively than in America putting a side NYC, and other eastern or west coast bustling cities. Traffic rules are not followed here in Dalian nor in Shaghi or Beijing. My taxi driver the other day nearly killed us racing on the highway going way faster than I believe legal even though the roads are absent of speed limit signs. Although, I did not mind because the faire for the taxi is much less than America and also I don’t have to pay as much because it takes less time.

 I discovered the horn was excessively used as one morning I was woken around 5:37am not by my alarm but by a parade of taxis screeching around corner honking mindlessly to get the customer before the others in an accompaniment of a screeching rusted cranes building giant new apartments that never seem to be complete.

Shoes for 200 yuan not 480yuan
I usually just go back to sleep. Don’t get me wrong though Dalian is a beautiful city that just seems to wake earlier than the typical American university student whether it be a week or weekend morning.


Dalian is a melting pot but not like America You will NOT find Mexican food, Italian food, nor much Indian food here. One will find almost all Chinese food although different types, Korean food, some Vietnamese, Japanese, and the “typical” American fast food (although not so much).


The American food here is and tastes different from back home. They have McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. McDonald’s fires are different and the meat is in strips while KFC is very similar yet expensive.

It seems that the Starbucks corporate giant has yet to infect the Chinese with the same compulsive need for an over-priced cup of Joe as in America; you won’t see many of these but maybe one or two during your whole stay here.

 The ethnic food here is most delicious because Dalian located on the edge of the Bohai and yellow Sea it has an unlimited access to fresh sea food and other fresh fish and amenities from similar cities bordering this sea. I am very fortunate for my job tends to have many outings at nice restaurants so I have the finer foods. Yet during the week I must depend on myself so one finds out quick that Dalian likes their food one way and that is lalala’ (HOT HOT HOT). To put out the fires most seek some relief with a bottle of pi jiou (beer) the most popular domestic brands are Tsingtao, Harbin and Snow while the imports are commonly Budweiser, Heineken, and a minority of a few others. On the Bigger city side of Dalian one can find a German restaurant with authentic dress for the waitresses and feel of a local tavern complete with their own house brew brewed in the restaurant itself. The food is good while serving sausages complete with a side of sauerkraut! This was my favorite foreign food here so far. Another restaurant here is a Buffet that has Japanese, American, Italian, Chinese and a fantastic desert selection.

 I had great ethnic food on sat. though it was Chinese southern style EXTREMLY HOT/SPICY! The food burned on its way out if you know what I mean the next day! Another tip of eating in China would be learn how to use chop sticks skillfully and they will respect you more than using a fork as my military Science teacher at Truman State University always said “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

 The city of Dalian is split into two parts the side I live on is about 30 to 45 min. by taxi (they are crazy drivers) although a bridge is being made now in 2008 to connect the two sides that will make the time be closer to 10 minutes. It is to be the longest bridge in the “world” although I don’t know if this is true this is what the locals say. The other side of the city is bigger and more popular to visit although the non-main side is just like the other side as in they both are growing more each day with countless new skyscrapers, markets and business every where to be seen.

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Posted on: Jun 11, 2008
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Shoes for 200 yuan not 480yuan
Shoes for 200 yuan not 480yuan
photo by: lynnly