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only picture I managed to take.

Have you ever had the feeling when traveling that you defiantly weren’t wanted there or you felt like the local people knew something you didn’t and it wasn’t a good thing this would describe the unwelcome feeling that all foreigners receive in a town neighboring Dalian called Lu Shun. This once Japanese and Russian harbor town is the home to one of the premier key harbor locations/positions for the Peoples Republic of China! This city has had an unpleasant history of being controlled by outside nations, most recently Russia during the Cold War. The Chinese that live here have a long history of being mistreated by foreigners and this is perhaps the reason why my arrival was by far the most unwelcome one I have ever experienced!

 First we went to this monument that was built by the Russian’s during their control during the cold war. Although given back to China shortly after WWII and the cold war, the mistrust of all foreigners is apparent in their penetrating stares. One thing I should mention is that this Harbor town consists of mostly several generations of Chinese that were controlled during these times and also military personnel! The reason I came to the location was to see and climb a small mountain that had ancient military ruins from earlier wars and battles fought here in some of the wars and defenses China has had to face (from Japan).

So here’s what happened after we looked at the Russian needle monument we drove a min. drive over to the very small mountain you hike up to go to the ruins. We start walking up and a couple of teen age girls told me and the people I was with that they could go up but I was not allowed to follow. My hosts said we should just ignore them and continue because they just wanted to sell us something. So we get about not even around the corner (were about 2/16ths up this road) and like 5 people are running up the hill and the group in front of us turns around and wont let us go any further. My hosts start to question why this is… So ever one starts arguing this goes on for about 3 or 4 min. till a taxi pulls up this small road and the driver gets out and says to get in his car and he will help us. No all of this was being said in Chinese so I was quite confused and the only things I could understand with one year of Chinese under my belt was “we don’t want him or any other foreigners” and “to leave quickly.” So after they all walked us down the nearly 100 steps we had taken we walked to our car and left. I was kind of scared but, I kind of liked the excitement!

 My friends explained about how there is a bunch of old and “NEW” military equipment up there and some Japanese people last year tried to take pictures and spy on the Chinese military equipment and also take pictures of this harbor and its military vessels at he dock’s. If you have ever been to Annapolis this is the equivalent of it and or Pearl Harbor and a foreigner trying to go inside the gates you’re not to go past but you’re in China. Basically if you’re foreign then you’re not supposed to stop there or at least by the bay and you defiantly shouldn’t be taking any pictures at all.

            I wouldn’t go back here because it honestly wasn’t worth the hour drive out side Dalian to go here any way there isn’t much but the Harbor you can’t go in and the mnt. you cant climb (unless your of Asian decent). I did ask some of my co-workers about this location and one of them told me seriously that the harbor is one of the most highly military occupied locations in China for a harbor at least. Also he said that “that mnt. there that looks nice to climb is highly guarded and he said that he heard it was hollow and had people and scientists inside it. SOoOoo if your some sort of conspiracy seeker, Asian or spy you should probably just forget about this town and go to the beach’s or shopping!

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only picture I managed to take.
only picture I managed to take.
photo by: AdrenalineJunkie13