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the Summit @ Ca Hei Shan (snack break!)

So today I went shopping I hate to normally shop but something sparked my interest as I had to shove my way into shops and bargain to dirt cheap prices and use my Chinese to bargain with store workers for better deals. At first when arriving in Dalian I didn’t comprehend the advantage of the U.S. Dollar here in China its around 6.87932 Yuan (RMB) to one dollar U.S.(but changing ever day)!

 I started off buying my girlfriend a beautiful party dress with a unique feel that you might not find in the states. I made my way up 4 floors to look at jewelry Pearls ect. They assured me that they were real and proved via knife on pearl (how real they were I am not sure (but great price)). I then went down stairs to look for some crazy multi-colored shoes (which I didn’t find unfortunately) although I found a famous Chinese brand called LUANKANG which they wanted 480 RMB for and I bargained to 200 RMB. A great deal because my friend from here bought them for 230 RMB! I am still searching for a Hooka although my friends informed these are not very popular. I am still on a search for the Colorful shoes. Another thing was it was hard to find my size since I wear a 11 in U.S. and here that is huge!

 I look forward to shopping more if and when I venture to Beijing in the near future! I also days later purchased two counterfeit DVD’s here which are surprisingly spoken in English and have 3 types of subtitles with 12 movies on each and of good quality. Pick these kinds off of street vendors they can be bargained with to! The two DVDs I got for a bargained price of 18 Yuan around 2.50$ Steal! You might want to tuck this in you suit case tightly not sure how much their gov. cares about this?!?!

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the Summit @ Ca Hei Shan (snack br…
the Summit @ Ca Hei Shan (snack b…
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