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sloth sloth sloth

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So there i was walking down to the supermarket with liz, to get something to eat as we was recovering from our night out and suffering in the most bad way of the over use of alchol, and boom bang thud, something from behind us fell out of the trees, we turned round and as liz made her way to the other side of the road, thinking it was a snake, i walked closer, the first thing i thought was omg its a bloody tapier, because it was in a funny shape and looked like one from where i was standing, the second thing i thought was, how the bloody hell did that tapier fall out of a tree????

then it started to move and form a shape, and its neck moved around and i saw its face, and it made out a cry, there in front of me was a sloth!!

a tiny little sloth, and it was the same colour that one i thought i had seen the other day hanging onto a tree!! ha i knew that was a sloth, but that was high up and hard to find again, but this one, it was there not more than a meter away from me, it slowly got up and started to walk away, it was the most surrealist thing i have seen in along time.  A local americano tico came over and told said it was ok, as we were both worried that the fall would of hurt it, but the guy said nah its cool, it is just having a wee!!! they do that, they flung themselves down and go toliet.  i didnt have my camera so i have no pictures of my sloth, but seeing it that close was good enough for me, we have been so lucky her in Manuel, we have seen every type of animal and lizard that is famous in the park, and we didnt even visit the park,,

This has been the biggest highlight now of my trip, my sloth that fell from the sky..

Other news, we are moving onwards tomorrow, we are moving onwards back to San Jose, stay there maybe 3 or 4 days then visit the volcanoes, at la fortuna, but first we need city life again. Get away from the beaches and make our way inland and see the beautiful nacional parks and hotsprings, liz thinks we should stay at the Hotel Dorothey where we will have a stunning view of the volcanoe, i do not mind what we do, as i am just looking forward to seeing volcan Arenal.

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sloth sloth sloth
sloth sloth sloth