In search of english fish and chips part 1.

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Panama city here we are

There is a english pub located in Panama city, it is called "Pavo Real" or roughly translated as "The Peacock" it is in both our Lonely planet and Footprint, and Lonely planet even goes on to say that the place serves english "fish and chips" so guess where we went to today.  Thats right, in search of this magical place, the english pub.  We we found it, it is easy to find, its down Ricardo Arias Av then turn west on to Av3b sur, you will see a huge sign telling you that "Pavo real, The peacock, is the only english pub in the whole of panama city" we got more excited at this prospect... i could taste the beer and see the crappy football scarfs of the walls.  We turned left and saw a huge arty peacock made of metal, we asked each other, "ooo do you think its owned by a brit or a american" then guess what.... the bloody pub was closed... not open til 4.30pm!!! i cant tell you how pissed off i was, i mean both Lonely planet and Footprint said it was open from 12am!!! hello if its a english pub it should be open at 11.30am, some english pub.. well i was bitterly disapointed, i had been looking forward to that drink all the way up the road.  We ended up going to a veggie place in the end.  But we are going back at 4.30pm for a bloody drink.  This place better look english pub like or i will be very sad. Once again it just comes to show you, that these bloody guide books are out of date, god who writes for these guides, enough ppl around the world buy them, i see every traveller with some type of copy.  So they are making money, are they that cheap, that they cant send ppl to places each year just to make sure its all tip top... No,,, i guess.

well i will write part 2 later on.

We might move out the hotel tomorrow, and go somewhere more closer to the centre.  Its just down to looking now. 

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Panama city here we are
Panama city here we are
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Panama City
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