more sandboarding and hanging out with parrots by the pool!!!

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another view from the buggy, sadly last time sandboarding.. one of the best moments of my whole trip. and all so cheap and easy to do.

So after all our trips to and fro Huacachina, we have decided on something important, getting that bloody holiday tan, so when we fly home (9DAYS AND COUNTING) we will look fresh and travelled.  So we spent most of yesterday out by the pool gaining a little red colouring.  We also spent most the morning sandboarding once again, but this time for only 3quid!! so we thought bugger it, why not, we got chatting with a girl from Nottingham on the dune buggy, her name was Louise and was shock the same age as me, which made me think "there you go, i aint the only 26yr old backpacking" She took to the sandboarding easily.  Me and liz, being the experts, as pointed out by the guide!! "They done it before, follow what they do" bloody cheek, i mean, i wouldnt call us either a expert, as we both had yet to get the standing up bit down.

me catching my last week of sun before heading home!!

So today is very much like yesterday, hanging at the pool and getting a tan.   So far i am looking red and not so brown, liz looks the same, funny that after 5months its come down to getting a bloody tan, but i know what will happen, i go home, and ppl will be like "oh i thought you was away, you cant tell, thought you would have a bit of a tan blah blah blah" so i really need to be a shade brown, so not to cause ppl confusion. 

The hostel has these parrots, all different types and colours, including a gorgeous red Macaw.  And they let them out in the garden, they are really tame and come up to whoever is sitting by the pool, but liz doesnt like anything that flaps around her, so we had to move, which is a bit of a pain, as i was trying to get one of the green parrots to talk, i swear it was saying HOLA but i wasnt sure.  Its nice they let the parrots out, i think there wings have been clipped tho, as they dont fly, they walk everywhere, so sadly they cant fly,  but atleast they can roam about free. 

So for the rest of today, and 2mo we will swim in the pool, go sandboarding yet again, and drink plenty of cold Cuzquena beer!!

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another view from the buggy, sadly…
another view from the buggy, sadl…
me catching my last week of sun be…
me catching my last week of sun b…
sand dunes from our window at Host…
sand dunes from our window at Hos…
parrots of Rocha
parrots of Rocha
photo by: yadilitta