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booking the tickets in Granada, make sure you get in early fellow travelers, as they go bloody fast and you could end up staying longer in Nicaragua than you fancy.

Well its time to finally say goodbye to Nicaragua, its been a amazing place to visit, made me feel angry at times, sad and also so happy, Nicaragua is certainly a magic country. 

We leave on the Tica bus at 6.30am, ugh somehow i am still not gettin used to all those horrible early mornings, i am a night owl lol, i have never been a morning person.  So tonights task is, re-packing the bloody backpack, tho i have chucked out lots of items i no longer need or have used, it still is heavy, i do manage it ok tho. 

Nicaragua has been a real eye opener.  So many ppl here are so poor, and that is so bloody sad to see, there are more street kids too.  Costa rica, does have its problems, but its more visible in Nicaragua.

How the ppl of nicaragua treat there horses, sorry but they dont. Most of them are hungry and badly looked after, do not ride on them.. this is only present in the cities and big towns, the animals are treated much nicer in the countryside
  I didnt like being shouted at for money and food in Leon, it made me very uncomfortable and uneasy, it also made me question my being in Nicaragua, but i have refused to let those moments ruin a great and fabulous trip. 

What i do like about Nicaragua is how laid back everybody is, if Costa rica is known for being all "pura vida" then what on earth would Nicaraguas saying be, as i felt it was more "pura vida" here than there.  Both countrys are amazing in there own way, but there is so much difference, which i wish both would learn from.

For instance Nicaragua should learn from how Costa rica run there transport system, chicken buses in  Nicaragua are overcrowed and badly managed, full of broken seats, and spilling out lots of oil and smoke.

granada, nicaragua
But then i think Costa rica should learn from Nicaragua how well managed the cities are, and that New Modern Shiney doesnt mean progress, i am sorry but i prefer the old colonial buildings, and will never fall in love with shiney metals and McDonalds all over the place, something which Costa rica, esp San Jose has plenty of.

The ppl here are different too, they do come across as more friendly, and they dont push you over when walking down the street, something that bugs the hell out of me in Costa rica.  And they dont follow you around the shops, thinking your gonna steal from them, i think that is one of the things i will always remember about Costa rica.  But this has not happened in Nicaragua.

Food, well i will be honest, the food in Nicaragua is not the best, it seems that nobody has heard of veggie food, and that if you dont eat grilled fish, chicken, meat, then your only other food will be Pasta or pizza, which becomes very tiring after 5weeks.  But my heart belongs with Chili Roja in Puerto Viejo on the food stakes. 

Drinks, well i have to say i do really like Victoria beer, its very nice, and i hate beer back in England, i drink cider, but since i came to Central america i have switched, Imperial in Costa rica is ok, but Victoria is good.  That will be sad to think, that i wont be able to have another one in England.  Tho i will be glad that i wont be able to have another Rojita!!! that red disgusting fizzy drink that everyone seems to drink, all but me, it tastes horrible, i cant explain what it tastes of, but its bloody strange.

I do wonder if i will ever return to Nicaragua in a few years, how different this place will be, will it become the new Costa rica, and places like Las Penitas become Jaco┬┤s, will more foriegn nationals move here, and build ugly houses and make yet more "gated" communitys.  I do hope that it keeps its traditions, and remains very true to itself, and i do hope that they sort out there problems, as its such a great little place.  I would if i did return, go again to Lazybones in Leon, amazing place, the best hostal i have stayed at.  And i would have a beer outside Roadhouse in Granada and watch the sunset over the catherdral.

I have had a great time, and its a shame to go, but Peru is calling me over,,,

(for anyone thinking that they wont travel to Nicaragua, because they read or heard its unsafe, that is not true, we felt safe travelling around, we didnt like the street kids, and the beggers, but other than that, i have seen whole familys and single women travelling around, most countys have there problems, and  crime is all over the world in all magor towns and cities, its just a fact of life)

Jc22ny says:
I agree I felt safe the whole time in Nicaragua and the Nicas were 10 times friendlier than Ticos.I think its because Costa Rica has had a Tourism explotion and people have become Jaded.
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
lizzo100 says:
Bex i wouldnt speak for me lol.. i felt pretty much unsafe all the time!all those men shouting and whatever... Im glad we are going!!! yay! bring on costa rica again!!!!
Posted on: Jan 29, 2007
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booking the tickets in Granada, ma…
booking the tickets in Granada, m…
How the ppl of nicaragua treat the…
How the ppl of nicaragua treat th…
granada, nicaragua
granada, nicaragua
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