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last meal at Paddys!!!

Well we knew we couldnt stay here for the rest of our trip, as we have only 17days left, til we fly back grrrr.  Ok i am not looking forward to it, i am loving my time in Peru, Costa rica was fabulous, but Peru is just perfect, and i am gonna miss Cuzco so much, its such a lovely city.  And why ppl only come here for the Inka trail and Machu Picchu is a huge waste, there is so much more here than just the main attractions.  We plan to spend the day in the main Museam and then head to the markets for some last minute shopping, like its become that one alpaca hat is not enough, i need atleast 3lol.  I also need to buy some beads, which i havent brought since well Puerto Viejo, and i really need to get something for my best friend claire, i have brought most my gifts, but i defo need to get some things for me.

We will prob bow out at Paddys, how much do i love that pub, its just so cozy and warm, and i do like my pubs, that be a big loss to me, as back home the only nice pubs in my area are way too expensive or a long ride on a train, as Dunstable really sucks when it comes to nice pubs.  Thank god for the Star in Chalton, but they dont show football on the tv and a glass of Wine is over 3quid, compared to a glass of vino blanco here which comes in at around 5soles to 8soles!! way way cheaper!!

We are heading onwards to Ica, we have our ticket sorted, ugh, 14hours on another bus, so i will bring plenty of bags in case of motion sickness again,  ugh, i do blame liz, i never was motion sick til we started the long journeys, and now it happens over journeys past 4hours!! and it was only a few months ago, we was complaining about 4hours drive to Manuel Antonio, and now that would be a pure god send.  But this would be one of our very last bus rides, as the next stops would be Lima!! and maybe Mancora, but Ica looks and has so much to do in our last two weeks, we may not need Mancora!!

Well off we go now, we found a great chilled bar called LOS PERROS great, its a Oz bar, that does great juices, and potatoe skins, and decently priced.  We also went to a new restaurant down Portals but ummmm it was dodge, Liz found a black hair in her pizza base, after that, we both felt a little ill!! can you blame us lol. Thank god it was in LizĀ“s pizza not mine, funny thing was, we hadnt had a pizza in days! we had been scoffing our faces at The Real McCoy and Paddys, funny how much you miss simple boring food like Chips and Beer!! Well i did get sick and tired of eating bloody Gallo pinto for weeks, and it seems that the main herb or taste in food here is Garlic!! The ppl of Peru love Garlic!! and sometimes it is a little overpowering.  So goodbye gorgeous Cuzco, i will return, and when i do, there will be a bottle of beer waiting for me at Paddys!!

Mariesplace says:
Paddy's was being refurbished when I was there seems I missed out!! ;-)
Posted on: Nov 02, 2007
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last meal at Paddys!!!
last meal at Paddys!!!
photo by: Vlindeke