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Well i feel ill, too much excess last night  at the iris discotech  nightclub, i dunno why i thought it be cool to drink Imperial after imperial then end up with Red bull vodkas, oh i am paying for it now, the club tho was different, i liked it, being the first time in a month that i have gone out and got drunk and danced los salsa with random blokes who just kept saying, "you come dance now with me" the club was just like ones you get in england, and the atompshere was crazed, like the dancing i just loved watching the local ticos and ticas do there thing, it was like something out of a ricky martin music video lol.

The drinks seemed expensive tho, a red bull and vodka was 2,000 colones, which granted is cheaper than what we pay in england but still, thats still pricey tho, Conrad said it was to do with the tourist trap, hey its true, except bugger i am on a budget lol.

Amazing sunset from Manuel Antonio

Liz is recovering from a massive hangover, she was knocking them back last night, she drunk four before we even left for the Lounge bar in Manuel Antonio, and i dunno how many she drunk in the Iris place but she seemed to be having fun, and dancing shall i say very ranchy with a local tico named Ronald lol...

So today we aint doing much lol, we just plan to sit here and recover  and hopefully get our washing done, because no offense but gee, we stink to high heaven i am reduced to wearing my swimming costume lol,.

we both learnt how to play UNO last night, by american George, i won two games and liz won none ha ha ha!!!!

we met more ppl yesterday, its like we came back to the hostel, and it was swamped with new ppl, they all seem very nice friendly ppl and lol all are from the USA!! which is so funny as me and liz are like the only english ppl in the whole of costa rica, there was one guy who didnt seem so friendly as such, we both thought he was gay, but that changed when he tried it on with liz, lets say he got a little fresh. i wasnt too sure about him.. well lets hope we do something interesting later so i can blog it down lol

Jc22ny says:
Sounds like you had lots of fun!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
Higton says:
Thank you. I'm pleased somewhere somewhere is holding up the English end of things. :)
Posted on: Feb 21, 2007
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view from Vista serena hostel manu…
view from Vista serena hostel man…
Amazing sunset from Manuel Antonio
Amazing sunset from Manuel Antonio