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esterday we stayed up late talking with a varid group of international backpackers, Candians, Americans and costa rican. its was facinating talking with them all, sum had been here nearly two months others just came the other day... Two very friendly americans a mother and her daughter where very interesting, they was doing spanish lessions and travelling costa rica at the same time, the mother was prob the most open women and so out there that i found her so interesting, a bit like how my mum is at home but without the candid talk about sex!!! shocking!! she lets her daughter drink beer here so in my eyes i think is wild, like i thought americans where very strict when it comes to alchol. but hey you learn something new everyday...

I was drinking turbo shandy after each other, funny thing is that in North america it seems shandy is non existant, isnt that funny, a drink so typically english, that me and liz must of sounded like two overly english types rahing on about shandy, liz made me laugh, she was saying about our mobils and the american and the candian didnt know what a mobil was, duh because over there they call them Cell phones!!There is a really cool girl and her boyfriend who make and sell there own jewlery, the stuff is really nice, i will defo get something, its new age looking with a hint of native and celtic looks, the girl has the most chilled look about her and her boyfriend is i am guessing Peruivan and wheres ponchos and giant wooden beads.

My book is getting along nicely, they made it to the settlement and now are back at base camp, Hugh is currently eating sandwhiches and coffee, they lost there A-frame for there tent, which makes me think, oh what if we lose ours... They seemed quite desperate in some ways, like when they visited a old shanty shop thing in the outskirts outside Cuzco, they saw a old crappy tin of golden suyrp and brought it, tho it was years old and dusty, they then rationed the tin, to a small spoonful on a biscuit, now they have eaten the whole supply doh, and can i add they had only been treking for a week, i wonder if me and liz will become like this, one day while hiking through the hills of Hondurras we come across a cadbury bar and end up paying thousands of money just to eat it!!!The hostel cat has chewing gum stuck in her fur, i should not laugh at this problem but it really makes me laugh, because it was trying so hard to bite it off and ended up having leaves stuck to it, poor moth bitten thing, its a blind cat so that makes it totally loveable, and omg liz is actually petting it, like the same liz who whenever twinkle from }nxt door comes over she runs a mile, shock, i guess this is the climate doing this,

Mariesplace says:
gosh Bex your blog is so funny I love it! I just open random bits and read its great, the cat and chewing gum is giggle fest ;)
Posted on: Nov 13, 2007
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