farewell to Peru, our trip finally ends.

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6months has gone so fast.  The months have just flown by, one minute we was at the airport in Heathrow, moaning about the girl from the Air Canada desk, thinking she was rude and brash, then worried because my name was spelt wrong on the airline ticket.  And now we are 5hours away from Lima Airport and our last minutes of our trip half way across the world.

I am sad to go, but its the right time, i am now in my overdraft, god knows by how much, and i do feel like i want to go back, i want to see my family and friends, show them our photos, tell them about the trip, make them envious.  And then i want to do things i havent done in 6months, for instance, i want to watch a football match in English!! (andy gray all is forgiven) luckly the very first match i get to watch on Sunday is a bloody Tottenham match!! fate or what.  I also really fancy a bacon sandwhich, not american or latin type bacon, which i have found to be grissle and burnt to a crisp, that all bacon taste is gone, but a real english bacon sandwhich, on flimsy white bread with heinz tomatoe sauce spilling out the sides!! it be just like that Hp brown sauce ad, where the female backpacker comes home, and the very first thing she does, is make a bacon sandwhich!! how funny!!

I havent really craved english tv, in fact its been nice not seeing boring bland Eastenders on, or hearing the voices of Big Brother or Natasha Blandinsky on the news.  But then again, i will be able to see the simpsons again, and not Los Simpson!! and see Family guy, not Padre de Famila.  Also in fact i do miss those stupid midmorning tv shows like Bargin hunt and This morning, so that be nice. 

So whats been the best bit of this trip.  Well i have to say, the following, going for a swim in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, esp Punta Uva (by far the nicest beach in Costa rica) surfing in Manuel Antonio, the constant bike riding to and from Puerto Viejo, Volcan Arenal.  And seeing Sloths in Costa rica.  and also Peru!! Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate!! the famous inka steps (peruvian ppl are so short, why on earth did they make giant steps) sand surfing in Ica, and finally feeling like i was doing something with my life.

This whole trip has been a great experience, from every country i have taken something worthwhile from it all, Costa rica, its beauty will stay with me forever, Nicaragua, and its colonial charms. Panama and its fun vibe and cheap beer (thats all i really can say about panama, as i felt the ppl to be rude until the found out we came from England and not the states) And finally Peru, a country so amazing it has Mountains, oceans, rivers, deserts, llamas, pisco, fish, sea lions, penguins, Machu Picchu and best of all the nicest kindest friendliest ppl i have met in my 6months. 

I do know this is only the start of my travels, once again i am off to Greece in two months, and then France the following 3months, so its not like i am gonna fester in england all my life, and the next grand trip is set for 2008 (india and the other half of the world) tho this will need more money than the 3grand i took here!! as OZ is like England, far to expensive for normal ppl to travel round.  so it shall be hard work for me for the next year, i will give myself some time to settle, then off i go, time for a new job, i only hope its more interesting than shop work, but money is money, and if it funds my trip, then it is worth the hassle.

Well i hope my travel diary has been interesting, and that you havent been bored.  Its been fun writing it all down, and sharing this experience with other ppl.  And for me, to always look back on and read.  I stuck with this much better, than writing it down on paper, and with it always on the web, i can access this anywhere in the world.  Well here is the end.  Adios, and for all those ppl going to Central and South america, i hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself, its a wonderful place. 
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photo by: rsvpme