i am finally on the otherside of the world.... ok so its a airport, but woo hoo

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The landing was fine, a great journey over.  We landed about midnight, went thru `passport controll easy, and got our Canadian stamps, i was happy with that, something to go along my Egypt one, and off we went for a four hour wait in holding, tho first i had to see Canada, which was literly me walking outside the front door and looking up at the sky, worthless to millions, but to me it was amazing... We slept those four hours, waiting for the Air Canada check in to open, it did, and off we went again, got our bags in, and headed off to the departures lounge, Toronto airport was cool, about the same size as Luton Airport, there wasnt much to buy in things like food, but we wasnt hungry, i brought some sour skittles and three postcards, and then waited for the second part of our journey. 

We had to change gates three times, which was annoying, but finally got on to the little plane, which was a total difference from the huge one that took us to Canada.  It was more uncomfortable, because i got stuck with a lady who liked her seat on that angle where, you cant even move a leg, but i thought oh bugger i suspose its coz i had a good flight in.  Karma.

We landed in San Jose, Costa rica about 4pm.  It was raining, and i was unsure of what to expect, the airport was like one you get in Greece, all broken down, but oviously very important to the ppl of Costa rica, getting thru passport control was stressful, they didnt like the fact my immigration form had a big wrinkle in it, so i got tut at by the man behind the desk, which made me more nervous.  We got a taxi for $18 to the hostel.  we finally made it too Costa rica...

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photo by: yasuyo