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 I often ask myself what will i actually gain from my trip, i mean, ok the experience of being on my own, knowing that all i do here is made from the hard work i put in, it took me nearly two years to do this trip.  I was originally going to Austrailia for a few months but then when i thought more about it, Central and South America was by far more cheaper... especially as in those two years, i had to pay back my student credit debts from Uni, add a repayment of a credit card and other bits and bobs.  I got myself work which granted wasnt the greatest or well paid, but it was a job.. i worked hard and finally i got my ticket, and five weeks ago i landed at Santa Maria airport, Costa Rica...
When we got off that final plane journey, i felt frightened, because the books that you read will never prepare you for the reality of a different country, let alone a different continant.. i had never been to the USA, tho most Brits have visited Disney land etc, nope, my travels have only taken me to Egypt and Europe, so Central and South America is quite different lets be true.

San Jose was not what i expected, it was smaller than what i had imagined, less colourful, i think i thought that it would look very colonial, like a mini Madrid, like stepping into a Pedro Almodovar film, but so far San Jose has yet to capture my imagination.  And the only Almodovar moment i have had, has been when we went Clubbing in Quepos.  And was caused by one of the two Ticas who took the hostel out clubbing, she was like Penelope Cruz out of "Volver" daring, dangerous and out for a good time, no wonder the majority of the hostel who went with us thought she was a stripper, but me, i thought, gee she looks just like Raimunda. 
The name of the club was called "IRIS nightclub" and tho it was free to gain entry, the drinks where a little overpriced at 2,000colones!! tho the music was decent,and if you wanna learn to Salsa, then there is no shortage of willing ticos popping over and asking  "I am gonna dance with you now" i do reconmend that place, simply for the amazing display of real Salsa on show, tho be warned it is expensive and if you are female, you will get treated like Kate Moss!!
 which is cool for the first ten minutes, but gets boring after the 20th time a tico asks you to be his dance partner...
So What will i take back so far with me, maybe a little spanish, i mean before i didnt speak a single word, and now atleast i can muster "dos para coca cola" before i couldnt even say that.. Thats one bad thing about being a Brit, we are such a lazy class of ppl, we dont learn other languages and that stinks, esp when you hear ppl here, speaking english, tho, granted its more for the Americans and less for us, it still stinks...
I will also take back with me a greated knowledge of how to budget my life better, i mean that will help me alot  back home, and for future trips, and finally so far my trip has taught me, that i wanna travel more, sod doing holidays to package deals and boring Luton Airport departures, im going off far off places, Thailand, Cook Islands, Iceland, Goa, Boliva... we only get few chances in this world, most ppl spend there lifes making money to buy houses and have familys, playing it safe, well sod that, i am 25 nearly 26 and i dont want that, i want something else, i dont want my own house, i dont want a proper steady job or responsabilties, i will live my life more like it should be lived, not knowing what is round the corner.. and i thank Costa Rica for that!!!  VIVA PURA VIDA
Jc22ny says:
Awesome entry!you have prettu much described what I feel.
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
twirlingandtwirling says:
Liz darling! I am having such a good time reading of your Costa Rica adventure. I'm american and was in England last year for 6 weeks, made good friends and miss it terribly. I can HEAR your accent right through your writing and it makes me sick for England and Scotland. I found your blog looking for travel info about CR, which is where I'm planning to go next. I've now spent one hour reading of your adventure and I'm going to bookmark so I can read more. Cheers!

Posted on: Mar 03, 2007
travelman727 says:
What a great blog entry! It sounds like your latest adventure have given you new and expanded perspectives. I find precious friends and valuable lessons every journey I take...
Posted on: Nov 24, 2006
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San Jose
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