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one of the many volcans of nicaragua

We have managed to get a shuttle bus to Granada for Friday 26th, Same price as coming this way.  I dunno if i am actually looking forward to going back yet.  Iam so relaxed in this country, its more a hazy place, and i do enjoy it more, but we want to get into Peru so much now.  We have decided we might travel into Boliva and Brazil, we know where we going in Peru, so thats all set out, tho with the prices that the agents are charging its quite shocking.  For instance i had my heart set on doing the choquequirao.  But from being given a quote in "Lonely planet" and "Rough guide" at $125 for the trek, can you imagine how shocked i was to look online and see that in fact the real price is something like $540 per person.  There is no way in hell i am gonna be able to afford that, i am gutted.. absolutly gutted.  And what is shocking is that this trek is the free one, you dont need permits or any special pieces of p├áper, so this is just another way for agencies to make more bloody money.  Myself and Liz cannot just go off and do this on our own, we both are not experienced at doing these sort of things, so its a bloody shame that we cant do something as amazing as the Choquequirao trek.  We will just have to settle with Manchu Picchu, which is amazing and one of those you gotta do it, but i really had my heart set on the other trek. I cant understand how these books can be so out of date, it wasnt even close on the price, it was like when we was at Arenal and they quoted in three books, all within the same year, that the Thermal baths would be $8 and yet at the baths it had shot up to $18.

It just shows that the books dont get it right.

Jc22ny says:
Yes I agree some Books can be quite outdated so I try not to only rely on them.Word of mouth is the best I find
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
Higton says:
The one I have (rough guide) does stipulate the prices they quote are for low season. Hence, the prices you got at Arenal were probably about par for the course in high season.

That said , the difference in the trekking cost is huge.

And I love the line "we will just have to settle for Manchu Picchu." Poor you!
Posted on: Jan 23, 2007
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one of the many volcans of nicarag…
one of the many volcans of nicara…
photo by: Chokk