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rocking j and the fabulous coca cola van

After four days in San Jose, i am finally back at my beautiful Puerto Viejo, tho this time we are staying at the fabulous Rocking Js, ok so i said i wouldnt stay there because of the mozzies, but they have a kitchen, and the other travellers there are just so bloody friendly.. and already i feel less depressed about Christmas, i think it was to do more with San Jose, i mean, there was too much crimbo fever going off there, so you notice it and makes you think bugger its christmas, but here its like Christmas who, so you forget that its only a few days away..

We met some nice guys at Pangea and they joined us here at Viejo, there names are Mike and Sandy, such a fabulous name for a guy lol. and they are also staying at Rocking J, they are only travelling for 3weeks tho, so took our advice on coming to the carribean side, well i think we made it sound like paradise, so they had no choice.. but they already are bowled over by Viejo. 

Last night was a bit mental, we were in the internet cafe, when this old fella starting moaning on about the computers dont write in spanish, well the owner comes up to him and says in a calm voice, oh well i speak english, so why would i need spanish computers, well the old fella just flipped out, called the owner a idiot and that its all about the money and that you should be speaking spanish, as we are in a spanish country blah blah,, well the next thing you know the owner says well there is nothing he can do about that, and the old fella shouts at him, calls him a fu¨king idiot, well the owner then tells him in a loud voice, get the f¨¨k out of my place, the old fella replys Do you know who you are talking too, and they shout and swear for a bit more, then the old fella punches the owner and runs off, saying he is gettin some men together to beat the sh´t out of the owner, well the Owner is all pissed off now, and trys to get his baseball bat to beat the cr¿p out of him with, but his girlfriend and mother are like no dont be stupid,,, its not worth it.. well he doesnt listen and off he gets in his car and chases the old fella down the street,,, all this as i was there on my computer looking at BBC sport.. so such a nice warm welcome back.. lol 

So for today, well We are going to rent some bikes, and do our trip to Punta Uva and Cocles and just watch the surfers, just have one of our many lazy days, tho arent they the best kinda days, i mean, we work so hard to do these trips, so why cant we just spend 6months of our life lyin on a beach, or swinging from a hammock drink in hand just chillin..

Oh and we also had dinner at Hot rocks..... gorgeous food... i have been craving there cheese sticks since we left.. i am very glad to be back here..

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rocking j and the fabulous coca co…
rocking j and the fabulous coca c…