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Yesterday had to be the strangest day ever, we saw things we wished we had not seen. I knew before i booked my trip, that central america has the same problems as other third world states, the high poverty and the disgusting sex trade that happens all over the world, but yesterday we came into contact with both. 

We was in the supermarket, and in the que next to us, were three men, foriegn, i dont want to say they were either american or english or european, as i didnt hear any accents, but they were not from Central America, and defo not from Nicaragua.. they were old, between 28-45 wearing the clothes you see most male travelers wearing, shorts they dont fit right, big baggy tshirts, and baseball caps. they were larking about in the que, thats why we noticed them, acting all silly and loud, behaving like idiots. We didnt notice the three small boys with them til later, but they were there, as i said they were young boys.  Local lads i am guessing, all different ages ranging from 7-13, the three fellas were buying them things from the supermarket, and then after they had gone thru the til, had decided to buy them icecreams, two of the boys, just seemed so sad and wishing to be away from that supermarket, you could see it in thre faces, but one of the boys, who had his hair all gelled up and was wearing nicer clothing, was all smiles and didnt care that all the local ppl saw them with these men.  Now ok so your thinking, whatever that does not mean they were up to anything, true, but you didnt see the behavour in the que, and you didnt see the winks and the smiles, you didnt see the way these men, touched them on the shoulder, or rubbed there backs... These three men, were not there for charity work, they were not spanish students, they were in Nicaragua, to pick up boys.. we knew it, and so did other ppl in that supermarket, they knew it too...

shame on those men, it is absolutly disgusting, and so bloody sad, that they can come over to a poor country like Nicaragua and behave like common animals.. These things do happen, in Costa rica, there are large signs saying in English, that if you are caught with a child under the age of 18 Costa rica will hunt you down and send you to jail... (good ) but they have the money to do that, Nicaragua is more poorer and so the police are not interesting in saving these kids.   So evil pervy men can just fly out for the weekend or month and do what the bloody hell they like, as they have the money and resources to do so.

And its quite easy to see how these things happen, as most kids are uneducated and on the streets begging, yesterday at dinner, we were aproached by four different ppl, asking for money and food, tho we only had drinks on the table, we left as we felt too uneasy to sit there anymore, three were kids, and one was a older man, tho he did smell of boose, they all asked the same thing, Can i have some money, can i have some food, i am hungry.  One of the boys was more ruder tho, shouting at us to give him something, he even looked under our feet, to see if there was a bag, i wouldnt of put it past him to steal.  But we said no, as we dont carry anything small on us, and also we both are not rich, in fact we both cut short the trip as we are running out of money, we have no jobs back home, we got to start paying rent again, we both have nothing but what is on our Debit cards and small cash on our persons.  I can not give to others that i dont even have myself, and being forced into a situation where we are made to feel bad and ashamed is not going to make me change my mind, in fact it puts me off Leon all together.  I can not handle all the constant shouting for money and food, being followed into supermarkets by mothers with there babies asking us for milk for her baby. 

So my feeling here have changed, i love the hostel, damm its like a five star hotel to us, i like the look of the city, the buildings the churches, but i do not like being whistled at, hissed at, blown kisses to, and made to feel like the bloody scum of the earth, because we dont give money to beggars, when there are bloody real evil ppl walking around buying up little boys..

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photo by: Chokk