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View from the las samaki

Las penitas on the south pacific coast was very much a new adventure.  We arrived on the Sunday, and left on the Friday. we got stuck there against our will, the owners of the Las samaki are very hmmmmmmm, eager to please and to make you feel welcome, tho after a few beers it becomes a little less apealing.  The room was good, tho if a open loo and shower facing each other is your ideal then your love it, me i dont like not having a door on the loo,  so felt uncomfortable sometimes.  The beds were top notch very comfortable and cozy.. The place only opened to the public on the 22nd of Dec, so everything was new.  The food was on and off,  Pita the lady owner - pita stands for (pain in the ass) her husbands words not mine, her food was ok if you love curry every single night, we had to eat there, we were told we had to eat there, so we ate there, like i was saying it was ok, not fabulous but not vile.

view from Oasis hostal on my birthday
  Its just i like sometimes to do my own thing, and we felt a little trapped there, esp as there was no internet or tv, it is a very basic town, not at all ready for the influx of tourists that go to San Juan der sur, its more of a who are you, where are you from look on the locals.  Surf is good there tho, and the beach is good and clean, there is lots of wind tho, and that can be annoying after the 2nd day.  But worth going to, ok if your a strong willed person, then go to Las Samaki and stay there, but if your weak and enjoy your privacy and different food every other night then go somewhere else, either Oasis hostel or Barca del Oro, which can i state has not got a sad looking monkey on site, that was not true what Lonely planet stated, it was saved from a grubby old zoo, and given a new home at Barca, sadly Lonely Planet didnt bother to ask.. so please do not read all that crap they state, we did and felt pissed off that we didnt go there... Tho over the trip i have come not to rely on anything the books state esp FOOTPRINT one of the worse books out there, since when do all backpackers on small budgets have enough money to stay the night or week at a hotel which costs 80quid pp its disgusting... same with the lonely planet books..

i much rather gather my information from fellow travelers or from other sites.. Pass planet is a good site that i use.. well we are going to stay a few more days get our thougths together then go back to Granada, then Costa rica for panama.

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View from the las samaki
View from the las samaki
view from Oasis hostal on my birth…
view from Oasis hostal on my birt…
Las Penitas
photo by: Mortyzia