Night bus from Puno!! Hold on its gonna be a bumpy ride....

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Well so from Puno we got on our last bus, it takes 7hours to get to Cuzco from Puno, but i swear this stupid driver made it last 8hours.

We brought our ticket from our hotel in La Paz with Milton travel, they placed us with there own company for the trip from La Paz to Copacopana, to Puno we went with Panamericano and from Puno to Cuzco we was placed with "EL SUR" servicio especial which in many many ways is soooooo true. 

First off the bus was half hour late leaving, we boarded the bus and straight away you could tell it was gonna be a hard arse 7hours, the seats were still dirty from the ppl before, there was stuff all over the floor and nobody checked our ticket to get onto the bus.  For the first hour we had the bus to ourselves except for two girls from Sydney and two other ppl from our ride from La Paz, we stopped at 5pm where we waited over 30minutes for a bunch of ppl to get on, well they were some ok ppl, ladies with the bowler hats with there wares and tares, and then this family got on, Mum, dad, and three sons, well it took me back to my days at Dunstable, they were up and down the bus, jumping on seats, shouting, sitting on the arm of our chairs, causing all sorts of noise, and i dont wanna say it, but i will say it, the moment they got on the bus, there two younger sons, went thru each chair, and looked at the person sitting there, when they got to me and liz, they just stared at us, and i noticed how much they stared at our bags which we was holding.  There gaze was horrible, they also did this to the girls in front and made them feel really uncomfortable.  The only reason we felt uncomfortable was that the other bus we took from Cuzco to Puno was with San Luis now they do good security, they photograph you on the bus and check your on the bus, this bus let anyone on (including us) and had zero security.  And ok, like everyone else we have read about the muggings and attacks on buses.  So we had every right to be uneasy. 

Then for the next two hours we drove onwards to Cuzco, finally some guy came up the stairs and asked for our tickets, well before this had happened the eldest son of that family, jumped out of his seat which he had invented a new way on sitting.  Well he jumped out of his seat and squeezed himself between his mum and dad on the floor, for which they covered him up in coats and bags!! thats right they had only paid for four tickets not five!!

After the ticket checks, the stupid guy didnt notice the guy under the parents!! the kid jumped out, made a roar noise from his nose, and sp├át clean on the floor, myself and the girl in front made a "ugh" noise, i have never seen that before, i mean on a bus, right down the centre of the bus!! it was f**king minging.  Suddenly the lights went out and for the rest of the journey we was in total darkness, it was uncomfortable, cold, smelly (orange peel and piss) and unsafe!!!

We finally made it to Cuzco at 12 midnight, over a hour late, and just sooooooooo pissed off over the whole crappy journey.  We got in a taxi and went to the Plaza de armas, liz got herself some food from a stall and we went to our hotel, we was one day early and it was nearly 1am, but we was sure it be ok, we woke up the night guy, and thank god they had a room, i fell into bed and just slept, i had eaten nothing all day!! liz had some crisps and that sandwhich thing from the stall, but we was so shattered we just wanted a clean comfortable bed. 

Now my advice to anyone travelling from Cuzco to Puno and Vice Versa, is do not go with a cheap company, they do not give a dam about safety, and take too long along the way.  Best go with a company which is a little more, San Luis was only 10soles more going to Puno from Cuzco, there is also another company which does the same at another 10soles, its worth the extra quid, you will feel more at ease and enjoy the ride more, we didnt choose our company from Puno to Cuzco, so we had no say, but it wasnt the best, in fact it was the worse bus ride since Dominical to Manuel Antonio in Costa rica and that was bloody horrible, 7hours is along time to be on a bus, esp a really uncomfortable bus with no security.  Make sure you feel safe, if there was no other toursists on that bus, i think we would of rather of gotten another bus.  Dont take any chances!! its not worth it. 


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photo by: Vlindeke