Machu Picchu here we come, and at a decent backpacker price!!

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me and liz in Miraflores peru
Well we finally sorted out the trek, We arrive at Cuzco on Fri 23rd this month, and stay in Cuzco a week, then on the 2nd of March 2007 we do the inka trail!!! i am so excited about this now, finally i get to see one of the greatest sights in the world.  I have a thing for acient history, so seeing Machu Picchu is gonna be huge for me, and makes me think, ugh working at that hell hole called ex work (a certain frozen foods supermarket in UK) was worth the pain and the smelly ppl who came there.  As i will be doing the Inka trek, why they still be working crappy shifts and dealing with smelly musty customers!!! Sadly the ppl i used to work with didnt even know where Costa Rica was, let alone Nicaragua, they stupidly thought it is somewhere in Africa, i am not over joking but come on!!!!!
But to them, Peru is a place they will never even dream about, they aspire for hoildays to Spain or Majorca, Ibiza and Cheap sangria.
a can of peru tuna fish. I thought the tin was like something you see in the Simpsons!!! Ola tuna
  Peru is for other ppl.  PPl like me.
We went with a company called Incamerica, and the guy who runs it is a friendly man, who comes from Cuzco, they do all sorts of trips around peru, at decent prices, we only wanted to do the Inka trail and also get a bus ticket to cuzco.  The inka trail 4/3 was $280 each and with the first class bus ticket it came to $320 now that was a good deal.  My theory was correct, as you dont have to do it at home on the internet.  And pay high costs, you can turn up in Peru, and get a good honest deal.  The guy even showed us days that were availble to do the trek.  The only day which was full up was the 5th March, every other day in March has plenty of room.. for instance on the date we start there are still 295 places left.
miraflores park
  So please think about just turning up and doing it yourself.  Tho of coarse in May, June, July etc the prices go up, and there are less places, what with the holiday types and charity runners. 
But March still has spaces.
Even our Irish mates, Siohon and Murray turned up in Cuzco and got on a trail in under a week.  That was last month.  So it has been done.
We met all so many ppl in Costa Rica and Nicaragua that told us, "oh i paid $2000 for my trek, we booked it up months and months in advance, you wont be able to do the trail for under $1000, and your prob late just to do it now" those kind words came out the mouth of two very rude girls from Quebec, and so made us think bugger, but i said well lets just see, as i have read other ppls entrys about Lima and Cuzco and heard how you can just turn up and get a deal.
We also met a German Girl who said she cried all the way up the trek, as it was living hell.  Hmmmmm thanks for that one, so to make us more fitter we both have decided not to drink any Beer etc til Machu Picchu...
Last night was our last night out, and we certainly made a night of it, did a mini pub crawl down San Ramon, and drunk litro after litro of beer!!! we also  downed  sangria, and  the biggest shots of vodka i have ever seen.   Double doubles !!!! and at the end of the night, we had only spent 7quid each.
We are feelin the strain now,my head is fine, but bloody hell, my stomach is twisting around.
So no more beer is a good thing for us.

spursbackpacker says:
I agree, we felt it was the best value and also excellent how it was for small groups!! I couldnt rate that tour company any higher!!! even 3years on
Posted on: Sep 07, 2009
claukh says:
Well actually that travel agency u are talking about, (incamerica tours nd travels)the one in Lima wich provides u the inka trail package, is in Miraflores, in...larco avenue, i have the mail, of that man Aquiles, it is
u guys can reach he, he is a very kind person, nd has a wide knowledge of peru nd tourism. and besides he has prices for everyone, i highly recomend this agency!! good trip!!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
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me and liz in Miraflores peru
me and liz in Miraflores peru
a can of peru tuna fish.  I though…
a can of peru tuna fish. I thoug…
miraflores park
miraflores park
photo by: rsvpme