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Well that was quick, one minute we are sitting in Huacachina eating a BBQ with the biggest stake i have ever seen, and next thing i know here we are all the way in Lima.  Funny things buses, either they take 20hours, all lumpy seating and no air con, or they take 4hours and are cheap looking, but very comfortable, our bus left at 10.44am cost us 20soles each (cheap as) and we arrive in lima only four hours later!! Very comfortable and no lumps in the bloody road.  We went with Peru Bus, a good cheap little company, security was good, and friendly, and best of all cheap.

Well what is it with bloody taxi drivers!! 15soles thats how much we paid just now for a bloody 3soles ride!! but we pay it as idiots that we are!! i will be happy to get back to england to pay even dodger taxi drivers endless amounts of cash!! i dunno why we all moan for, i mean it was only 2.30 but our ticket cost us 20soles, so for 15soles from the bus depo to Miraflores does seem quite bad!!

We got to our hostel, the guys were like "Hola chicas" its been a month and they still remember us, tho i did think for a moment Ricardo would forgotten due to the large intake of Drugs he dabbles in lol.  But there was plenty of room, we are in a dorm, which is nice, it dont seem busy at the moment (which is also a plus whoop) means we get monopoly on the TV and DVD player!!

We made a quick stop off at El pacifico cine, there is plenty of films to see before rip off central england cinemas, so we maybe going there all week.  We will be seeing El Descando, or for you none speaking spainish types "The Holiday" my dear mum saw this film months ago in England so its old, but we didnt catch it Costa rica or Panama due to arriving and leaving when it was being released etc.  And for our other eyes enjoyment, there is "Music and Lyrics" and "Norbit" hmmmmmmmmmmm comedy all round!! i think "The wickerman remake or rehash" was release the week we left lima so we missed that (sob sob i do love those stupid remakes, so i am upset, whatever!!!) But there is plenty i got to do this week, for instance, Coffee!!! i didnt buy any in Costa rica due to baggage and so now i have to grab a few quality bags!! and also chocolate!! and finally fridge magnets!! we are off out to dinner soon, god knows where, we found the food here very same like!! but i am sure we will find a decent place... adios for now!!

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photo by: rsvpme