Last night at the bates motel, Costa Rican style!!

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We left Nicoya yesterday afternoon, in a way i was glad we had left, i felt out of place in that town, it was the first time since i left home that i felt out of place. 

So here we are in samara, after a nighmare journey on the chicken bus (old American school buses, with terrible breaks).  We went looking for some cheap rooms, and was too hot and bothered, so we took the Cabinas playa Samara, now!!! we did see the room, and we did say yes, but hell, i wish we hadnt, the room was a absolute sty, disgusting, 3beds, without sheets, a disgusting shower room, which was a pipe, with a hole in the ground, and dead moths all over the bloody walls, it was unclean, smelly and had iguanas living in the roof!! we was so upset, so we did the best thing we could do, spent the rest of the day looking for a better option, and thankgod we did... We ended up finding a beautiful double twin room, with clean warm shower, non smelly toliet, cable tv, fan, AC... and it was only 1quid more, we took it.  Now we had two rooms, on different ends of the town, how was we gonna deal with this, our bags and things were in the other place, we snuck back, packed, and calmly walked out... bugger the 10quid we both spent!! That place had bad vibes, and clearly it was a makeshift brothel, and drug den, as you could hear the girls at work, i have no problems with leaving like we did, only wish we had found our new place first.

So whats Samara like? well the beach is beautiful, white sand, crystal clear waters, not much ppl around, and lots of coconut trees, the town is small, there is a bloody bank here, so once again the guide books lied.. it has a few places to eat, a nice pub, which was cheap,, 700colones for a beer.. Food wise its a bit harder, there isnt much of a veggie menu as such, unless chips count.. tho with the weather being so warm, who wants to eat all the time.. It is crowed by tourist tho, and unlike us, who travelled down via Playa Naranjo and Nicoya, they are more of the Interbus and Private hotel lot... There are lots of different hotels in this area, the big complexs which arent out of place on the Costa del sol, and the little Cabinas which because of the huge influx of tourists, can charge $25 a room!!



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photo by: Sele