Inka trail day 4, finally Machu Picchu!! End of our trail

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Getting back to Cuzco via the Machu Picchu train.

The final day started early at 4am, i was tired, wet from the tent, and uncomfortable, and wasnt in the mood for being woken up at bloody 4am.  We got dressed, done our bags, i dumped my sleeping bag, thinking it better to let someone else have it than me, it weighed to much and got in the way of room for more gifts.  We had our last breakfast in the concret cafe of the Trekkers hostel, it was pancakes, tho my tummy wouldnt let me eat much. 

We left the building at 5.15am and made the freezing cold and dark way to the last check point, the que was mental, everyone wanted to see the sun rise from the Sun gate, i wasnt bothered i just wanted to see Machu Picchu!!

Once we got thru the que, King of the Mountain told us that it was a hour climb to the sun gate, and to beware of the last inka steps, 15 in total.

Hello world this is machu picchu calling
  Well off we went, it was like queing for Madonna everyone pushing and trying to get there first.  The climb up was tiring, as it was cold and wet and you couldnt see a thing.  The so called inka steps were a joke, you find some steps and think "thank F**k for that" but in fact the sun gate is another 20mins on, grrrr, the actual inka steps are hard to climb, there is too much water on them and they have been worn down thru the years!!, but once you get to that last climb its amazing, for you can see Machu picchu in the distance, and its inspiring.

We made our way down towards Machu picchu, passing Llamas on the way, and finally made it too the lush green terraces!! Its huge, i mean so vast and so green, and so wonderful, a great feeling to be there.

machu picchu mountain
  We gave in the bags and had our tour with King of the mountain, tho bless him he held strong to old facts, for instance telling us that the majority of bones found were female, a fact disproven not so long ago, but doctors, and showed us the other interesting sites.  We walked around and saw the "other tourists" who had taken the train and bus, now ok i understand its a big draw to come and see Machu picchu, but is a shame to think we walked in blood and pain and sweat for this Machu Picchu, and a middle aged tourist only has to hop on a bloody train!! with there nice clean clothes and Valentino bags!!

We had 3hours up on Machu Picchu, i was feeling so ill, the lack of clean clothes and flushing toliet took its toll, and we found out we had no money for the bloody bus back down.

View from the sun gate machu picchu bursting thru the clouds

We all decided as a group to walk to Agua callias, it was only a hour and we had walked 4days so what is another hour gonna do.

I felt at peace on Machu Picchu, thinking this is what it was all for, that bloody Dead womans pass, and now finally i got here, it was over far to quick, and felt sad to finally make the descent down.

The walk down was fun, passing only the other 4day trekkers on the way down, and everytime a bus load of old tourists passed with there glares cold as ice, it made us more happier, knowing we did this on our own and with our own efforts.

We got down to Agua Callias, had some lunch and then got the train back to Ollaytambo, then a bus took us to Cuzco center, me and liz made it back to our hostel on Tigre, had a shower which was fu**ing fabulous, and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo deserved!! then we had a nap, as we was out to meet up with our group at Paddys, a idea which wasnt really looking forward to, but on the bus coming to Cuzco a mix tape of Jive bunny, Michael jackson and Abba changed our minds and wanted us to go out and have a few beers, well the few beers turned into many and we moved to a Peru Club where we had 6litros of beer and danced salsa with locals, then moved on to the coolest club i have been to since Ghetto in london, and stayed dancing non stop til 4am!! a whole day no sleep but walking, eating and dancing, was finally over when i crawled into bed at 4.

the gang photo at the sun gate machu picchu in background

MARCH 5th is one of the greatest days of my life, i had a excellent experience, made new friends and saw Machu Picchu, and i did it all on my own laurels, i was so happy.  The best thing i have ever done in my life, and i tell anyone not to find it amazing, dont kop out and do the train, if your fit and healthy do it!! you wont forget it ever!!

paganmom says:
Fabulous entries! I can't wait for next year to do the trail, much to my knee surgeon's dismay!!!!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2007
Mariesplace says:
I agree with that comment the last 4 entries are brill!! I can actually feel how tired you were. Well done. Its the ONLY way to get to Machu Picchu on foot the ancient way, how could you feel elation getting off a train and going through an iron gate!!! compared to it rising out of the mist when you turn the corner at the sun gate!! Like you I felt its truly spiritual up there!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2007
Higton says:
The last four entries are my favourite on the site. Nice one.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2007
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