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me as sand surfer chick on a giant sand dune!! note the fact i am wearing my boot converse!!!! flip flops not aloud

Today we went sand boarding, and it was by far the coolest thing we have done in Peru, along with the fabulous trail and Machu Picchu.  Sand boarding is just like Snow boarding except you are going down sand and not snow duh!! The trip cost us over a fiver and for that we got free boards, lessons, and the great ride in the Dune Buggy, which was so fun.  We both loved the boarding, it really is one of those i am so glad we did it, i know we have done alot on our trip, but this was pure selfish fun, and i loved every minute of it.  It was so bloody hot on the sand dunes, absolulty scalding, so we was glad we brought some sun tan lotion.  We have booked up two more trips, one to visit the Islands of Balistas, which has plenty of Sea lions and Dolphins, and maybe even some killer whales.

Sand dunes of Ica Peru!! it aint all inka trails and andes
  And tomorrow we are off to Pisco to do a wine tasting tour.  Huacachina is just a gorgeous place, and we are both loving it here, its so cheap (large beer 5.5soles compared to 9/10 in cuzco) and food is also cheaper here, in fact the only thing that is expensive here is the bloody internet, but then is 45p a hour really that bad? we used to pay over a pound in bloody  Costa rica sometimes!!

We went to Ica today, the town is interesting, looks the same as Nazca, it has a pretty plaza de armas, and plenty of places to eat, but i am glad we are where we are.  Taxis cost to and fro from Ica to Huacachina only 8soles, which is good price.  Dont get into those bike taxis, the breaks are a bit spicy!! take a fiat panda taxi, much more secure looking.

We are defo making the most of our time here, as we go home in under two weeks, and right now it does feel like a holiday.  The weather, the laid back feel, the cheap beer, we are having a ball, and i dont wanna leave.

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me as sand surfer chick on a giant…
me as sand surfer chick on a gian…
Sand dunes of Ica Peru!! it aint a…
Sand dunes of Ica Peru!! it aint …
me holding on to the dune buggy
me holding on to the dune buggy
photo by: yadilitta