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the ruins
Huaca Pucllana stands north east of Miraflores, its only a 15minute walk from JFK park.  Its one of those strange sites that has to be seen.  A pre colombian pryramid, standing 23m high originally, built in AD500 it was once one of the most important ceremonial sites in Lima.  Sadly due to the conditions of the area around it, the site is badly broken up and falling down.  You can still make out the pryramid, and its quite wonderful to see it as you walk up from elias aguire av. 
There is a on site museam and resturant, the site is open from mon-wed-sun from 9am - 5pm.
I really thought it was worth seeing, and thought it was sad seeing it stuck out in the middle of the road, surrounded  by houses and buildings. 

We went there after having lunch at Dragon Express, which was ok.  Food in Miraflores is ok, there is more options here, than say somewhere like San Jose, and thankfully the population doesnt seem to rely totally on McDonalds or Pizza bloody hut.  There is a nice eating culture here, which is refreshing after consumer central  America, there is also a decent amounts of Veggie places.

The craft markets here are quite good, and not threating, you dont have stall after stall jumping out and asking you to buy this or that.  So you can walk around the many markets in peace, and enjoy what to buy.  I have already decided what i am to take home.
I am leaving my gift buying til my last week.  I plan to buy Alpaca hats x 2, Wooly gloves, Fridge magnets, Alpaca bag with the word peru printed on it, and maybe a tshirt with the words INKA KOLA written on it.. Liz on the other hand has brought four large bottles of boose already.  She claims it was because panama city was by far cheaper for boose than Lima.  So far she is correct.  But i thought, bugger i aint gonna be able to carry all that extra weight, what with Machu Picchu and La Paz in Boliva.  But i couldnt stop her... she got the i wanna buy look in her eyes, and was unstoppable.
I also plan to buy some coffe beans for my mum, who loves her black coffee, a bag of organic ground coffe costs under 2pounds, which is amazing.  I would of brought some in Costa rica too, but like i said the weight would of been too much, plus the risk of it being ruined would of been hard to take.
more shots of the ruins

We are fingers crossed gettin our Machu Picchu tickets today, we have found a peru company that can do the trip for $230 that is the four day trek, so hopefully we can book it for the first week in March.  We also have to look into conections to Lake Tititicaca which would then give us ample time to see Boliva and La Paz, which in turn has a coach connection to Cuzco which if timed correctly would then bring us there before the trek by five days, as we should of already be use to the high altitude in both Tititicaca and La Paz we should be ok in Cuzco.
Well this is our plan, lets see if it happens or not.  If we cant book the Inka trail today, then we will still go to Cuzco and wing it there.  They do after all do those lazy arse one day trips, but that is only our last option. 

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the ruins
the ruins
more shots of the ruins
more shots of the ruins
You can make out the origianl shap…
You can make out the origianl sha…
photo by: rsvpme